Saving The Omega's Christmas by G.S Holmes

Saving The Omega's Christmas was really great Christmas themed story with 2 strong mc's.

From the blurb:

Their partners ran off together.
Now it's their turn to fall in love again.
Little did they know it would be with each other.

There's no rational explanation for my dislike of Sheriff Levi Barnes.
Deep down I know he's not responsible for his omega running off with my alpha, but he pops up in the most unexpected places, always giving a helping hand I don't ask for.
I have too much on my plate, running a Christmas tree farm all by myself and working on the one thing I want more than anything in this world. I don't have time to fall in love. And definitely not with the man who reminds me of my shortcomings.

But Levi Barnes is persistent, and when circumstances brings both of us together, I'm forced to admit to myself that I like, I want him. It's a secret I plan to keep to myself, though. There can't be anything more awkward than falling for the man whose spouse ran off with mine.

Saving The Omega's Christmas is a short mpreg novel with a very awkward love that feels so right. Please see trigger warnings in the front matter.

Jacquie's Review:

Demitri is an Omega but is never treated as lesser or weak by alpha Levi. I particularly enjoyed learning more about his culture with his diet and beliefs. 

The pair have an enemies vibe to start with since each other their previous partners ran off together, with Toby, Levi's omega, leaving their son behind. The conflict there is dealt with rather than festering between them and their relationship develops organically.

The addition of Casey, Denitri's Foster son, was a lovely side plot. I adore a found family theme and he was so cute with Harlow.

I'd really like to see more of them all

Rating: 5 Stars