Pretty for Master by Skylar Sweeney

Sometimes you need to start in a dark and taboo place to find the light... and sometimes there just isn't a light to be found... Pretty for Master is one of those books that keeps you on a knife-edge:

From the Blurb

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Can a sociopath learn to love? Master plans to find out, and his captive agrees to lend a hand. But will Pretty lend his heart, too?


They call him the Mad Master. A giant in fancy clothes with a flower on his lapel, he rules his world like a king. He's as terrifying as he is enthralling and as cruel as he is kind.

All I've ever known is pain, so the way he loves to hurt me is nothing new. It's how he holds me that makes me wonder if I could be more than a redneck biker working the street corner. Like his pretty boy?

I won't get the chance to find out if the man trying to kill me catches up first. Or worse, Master might realize what an unlovable loser I am and not want me at all. Can a man that no one wants to love really win the heart of someone like him?


I'm obsessed with a love I can't feel. I'm not sure what romance is, but it's all I think about—when I'm not thinking of pain. Because pain and torture are kind of this sociopath's thing.

Everything changes when I kidnap the most beautiful boy in the world to save him from a killer. I'm determined to give him the love he deserves, with lace and glitter and maybe a little pain on top, but how will that happen when I can't love?

Can a madman with no heart win the heart of another?

Sarah C's Review

Pretty for Master is almost impossible to review without giving spoilers, but I'm going to try it. Because this book deserves to be experienced in all of its insanity.

First, if you're looking for a traditional love story? Look elsewhere. There is very little traditional about this story, though Master enjoys trying to live out a few tropes throughout the story. This story is dark though. I'm talking kidnapping, mentions of murder, and quite a few other taboo topics are in here. Please, HEED THE TRIGGER WARNINGS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK!

But this story is fun. It was laugh out loud hilarious at some points, even while it was incredibly messed up.

The characters were really easy to root for. I felt for Pretty from the beginning. And Master? Well even with all of Master's insanity, I couldn't help rooting for him. One note about the character's names: They have no names. This book, while a dual POV, all takes place in Master's world, and in his world, people only have the names that he issues them. Therefore those are the only names in the book.

So again, Pretty for Master? A wild ride. Definitely recommend if you're wanting something dark and messed up and dripping in soap opera levels of WTF. Do not recommend if you want a light fluffy read, because this has dark rom com vibes.

And I LOVED it.  

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Sarah took the words right out of my mouth - from not being able to fully review without spoilers, to telling you to read all the trigger warnings, I feel like I'm just repeating her awesome review... but here goes with the rest of my thoughts:

Pretty for Master is a mind-fuck, both for the characters and for you... it's dark and twisted, but edges into sweet and beautiful, it disects Stockholm Syndrome and turns it on it's head in so many twisted ways... the pacing and writing are amazing... Skylar Sweeney's ability to bring humour and romantic tension into an insane world of kidnapping and mania is outstanding!

This is totally not a traditional romance - the non-con is seriously embedded in the book - heck it starts with a kidnapping... but you love a twisted tale, you will definitely find what you're looking for in Pretty for Master.

Rating: 5 Stars