His Boy To Hold by GR Lyons

His Boy to Hold is the first book in the second season of Naughty or Nice, but also connects to the Destination Daddies series from this summer!

From the Blurb: 

Dear Santa,

I'm an impulsive guy. Always have been. Even writing this letter was a snap decision. But when I make a choice, I see it through and never look back. Being like this has served me well in every area of my life.

Except when it comes to love.

I feel silly writing this letter when I can't even have what I want—but now that I've started, I can't stop—so if I could have one thing for Christmas, it would be to have someone to get to know. Slowly. Properly. I want someone who will come to Daddy with all their hopes, dreams, and passions and let me nurture it all.

I want someone to hold.


A magical one-night stand feels like love at first sight, but Everett Scott has made that mistake before and he got the divorce to show for it. Besides, Everett is straight. One night with a perfect boy had to be a fluke.

Everett turns to online dating, hoping to learn to take things slow, but the only intriguing response to his letter is from BoyToHold. The more they talk, the more Everett starts to wonder if this boy might be the one.

But Everett can't forget the nameless boy with whom he shared one perfect night. He's never seen one boy's face and never got the other one's name. How is he supposed to choose when he craves them both?

Santa might just give him everything he wants.

As long as another snap decision doesn't destroy everything.

His Boy to Hold is part of the Naughty or Nice Season Two multi-author series. It features a billionaire CEO who's not as straight as he thought he was, a sweet barista boy who's tired of being rejected because he's trans, and a romantic fling in small-town California wine country. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone, but there are so many Daddies looking for some holiday magic to bring them their perfect boys, why not grab them all?

Heather's Review:

I think this is my favourite G.R. Lyons book ever!  I absolutely love the back and forth on the app and also the in-person heat and miscommunication... The book is well paced, the characters are as described and it's the perfect way to kick off another season of Cuff'd daddy kink! 

I also enjoy that this book revisits characters and locale from Living in Zin.