#Throwback Thursday - Jewel Cave by Elizabeth Noble

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Come down from spooky season with Elizabeth Noble's thriller: Jewel Cave, originally published in January 2020.

The Blurb:

After ten wonderful years together, despite challenges and changes, both good and bad, Griff Diamond and Clint Bishop still love each other but their physical relationship has lost the spark it once had. Griff’s career as a US Marshall is going strong, but after being laid off from his job Clint pursues a career as writer and becomes a published author.

When another writer turns his friendly relationship with Clint into an obsession Clint’s life is put in danger. Kidnapped and taken to the Jewel Cave system in South Dakota, Clint must use the skills he’s learned over the years from Griff, a seasoned caver, to stay alive.

Using every skill he has, Griff races against time to save Cliff from his crazed kidnapper. Will he get back the love he was afraid he’d lost?


“Yes, I am. So what is all this? One of those write-as-bad-as-possible contests?”

Clint burst out laughing. “I wish. Dylan has decided his problem is he needs more sex in his books.”

Griff leaned closer to the monitor. “Throbbing heat bat?” He straightened and pulled out the waistband of his shorts and looked down. “Hey, little buddy, you’re a throbbing heat bat.”
“Griff, stop that.”

“What? You laughed.” He leaned even closer to the monitor and pointed to a spot a few lines down. “Oh God, is that even possible? ‘Still joined, he picked his lover up and carried….’

What? That’s gotta hurt.” Griff looked from the screen to Clint to their bedroom door.
“Oh no, don’t even think about it.”

“You don’t want to try a little bit?”

“No,” Clint sputtered. “Hell, no!”

Griff squinted at the screen again. “Does he sign everything to you with Xs and Os?”

Clint shrugged. “I don’t know, I never paid attention or thought about it. Why?”

“That doesn’t strike you as odd? And what’s all this crap about Fern’s foot? He says he’s glad she’s walking better and then running around the yard fine?” Griff was firing off questions in rapid order.

“Don’t interrogate me. He doesn’t have a lot of friends. Lots of people knew about Fern’s foot when it happened. Readers like to hear about their favorite authors’ lives, so I blog about our dogs. Everyone likes cute dogs.”

“How much detail do you give out about our lives?”

“Griff. They’re dogs. However, if you’d rather, I can write about my overly paranoid US Marshal boyfriend and his exploits.”

“Clint, Dylan has focused on every little detail you have posted on your website and Facebook. Does he know your real name? Because keeping all of your friends and their secret identities straight is a challenge. Coming from me that says a lot; I’m supposed to be good at tracking aliases.” Griff’s voice was steadily going up in volume.

“Oh, for God’s sakes. Yes. A lot of people know Bishop Gryven and Clint Bishop are the same man. And they’re not aliases, Griff, they’re pen names!” Clint was shouting now. Because of Griff’s job, Clint used a pseudonym, combining his own last name and a play on Griff’s first name of Griffen. “I don’t advertise it, but it’s not a big secret, and you’ve known that for years.”

“This guy right here is not normal. How can you not see that?”

“Griff, he’s harmless.” Clint tried to sound convincing, but the truth was he wasn’t so sure. The way Griff’s eyes narrowed a small amount was a sure sign he sensed Clint’s resolve faltering. “He is,” Clint insisted.

Jewel Cave is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!