#TeaserTuesday - An Excerpt from Secretive Royal by Elouise East

Secretive Royal comes out on Thursday and my review will go up early Thursday morning, but Elouise East has let me give you all a sneak peek of one of the early scenes in the book... it could be read standalone if you absolutely had to, but I recommend starting with Rogue Royal because there is a continuous subplot and character chapters that feature other members of the royal family's thoughts and actions...

The Blurb:

Henry is afraid. Many people want to see an end to the LGBTQ+ community, and while he pretends to be straight, he isn't. That isn’t his only secret. He wants to enjoy life by letting go of his human counterpart and becoming Dusty, a pup with nothing to lose. But his family would accept that part of him even less. After hiding for so long, all it takes is one chance encounter with a gorgeous florist to send his normal existence into disarray.

Robert takes everyone's preconceived notions and throws them out of the window. He’s a Dominant, he wears makeup and jewellery, he owns a business, and he loves being a handler for pups. Problem is no one takes him seriously because of how he looks. Past partners laughed at him after he'd given them his heart, so he stopped trying. Why bother?

When they meet, sparks fly and neither can understand nor break the link holding them together, but someone is set on outing the prince.

Who can help them change decades of rules in time to save the descendant and his handler?

Secretive Royal contains pet play, BDSM scenes and D/s dynamics in all forms. It also has lots of loving, friendships, family drama and, of course, a HEA.

The Excerpt:

“Have you trained?”

Henry glanced to the side. Robert stood with one arm across his chest, his opposite elbow resting on it and his chin on his fingers. The green of his eyes took on an almost iridescent shine with the spotlights on him as they were. His moustache and beard did nothing to hide the shape of his face or the plumpness of his lips, and Henry found himself fascinated once more. 

“Prince Henry?”

He blinked. “Sorry?”

Robert tilted his head at him and quirked the side of his mouth. “Have you had training?”He waved towards the flowers. “In flower arranging?”

“Oh, not officially, no. My mother has a large garden that we both spend a lot of time in. She taught me everything I know.”

“She’s an amazing teacher. Beautiful work.” Robert nodded once and pointed to the next corner. “Reds next.”

“Yes, sir.”

Henry’s breath caught at the sight of Robert’s eyes narrowing. Robert’s back straightened, and his jaw firmed before he lifted his chin to indicate the other corner of the room. Henry swallowed hard and turned away, barely breathing as he followed the silent instructions. Despite the five-inch difference in height, Robert’s mannerisms gave him the ability to appear larger than Henry, to be capable of dominating him, and Henry wanted nothing more than to submit.

 Something he had only ever done once. 

His hands shook as he gathered the flowers he needed for the red corner, and he tried to breathe through it. He’d kept everything inside for many years now. No one was going to make him break. He was sure he just needed to hold on a little tighter for a little longer. 

A look over his shoulder—he was not checking to see where Robert was—found his gaze caught on a large red rose. He put down the flowers he held and wandered across the room to grab it. When he returned to his table, he found a small knife—his preferred tool—and sliced the thorns off, putting them into the bins provided so that no one hurt themselves on them when clearing up. The rose slipped in, right in the centre of the bouquet, surrounded by the other flowers. He finished up with a few smaller buds to break it up and stood back, staring at it. 

Once satisfied, he moved onto the blue corner. Lost in the rhythm of flowers, like he was whenever he was in his mother’s garden, he felt free in a way he had felt nowhere else but there. By the time he’d finished the yellow corner, his body had relaxed. He looked around to see where everyone was, but there were fewer people than when he’d arrived. His mouth dropped open when he checked his watch because several hours had passed.

"You were completely in the zone,# Robert said, sidling up beside him with a small smile.  #You've done a good job.  Thank you."

"You're welcome.  I enjoyed it."

You can pre-order Secretive Royal today or get it on Kindle Unlimited when it releases on Thursday!  Get started with Rogue Royal  if you haven't read it yet, it's also on KU!