Sleigh Bells by AE Lister

I just finished AE Lister's Christmas Freebie - Sleigh Bells, which is available on their website  It is a shortened version of The Sound Of Sleigh Bells that was released last year, so if you've already read it, you know that I'm in love with this short story!

From the Blurb:

Christmas is approaching.

Jensen Moriarty is living and working at The Braided Crop Ranch while Luke and Noah canoodle in each other’s arms in distant Ottawa. Jensen wants to spend Christmas with the two of them but doesn’t want to intrude on their longstanding relationship. When the invitation to join them doesn’t come, he wonders if he is truly to be included in the circle of their affection or if it was just a polite way to leave things.

Heather's Review:

This book works as a standalone story if you want to start here, but it actually follows Stable Hand in the Braided Crop Ranch series and continues the story of Jensen, Luke and Noah.  This short story has it all - long distance romance, angst, video chats, pony play, BDSM and more!  If you're familiar with any of the BCR stories already, this will be a sweet, spicy read... and if you're not, it'll be a tasty introduction that will have you shopping for more! 

Either way, if you like a spicy holiday read with elements of BDSM, ponly play and more, grab Sleigh Bells as a freebie today at:!