Romantic Hero by Jeris Jean

Romantic Hero had so many layers to uncover!
From the Blurb:

A love letters, hidden identities, second chance MM romance.

Making out with the campus librarian wasn’t the most professional way for me to kick off my first semester as a professor at the College of Coleridge Cliffs. I don’t even know what came over me. It was probably just that it was Halloween, and it was late, and I was lonely. Oh, and the fact that he is the world’s hottest human.
But then he pulled back, and I got awkward, and I have avoided the library at all costs ever since. I couldn’t bear the humiliation. So when I agreed to be a faculty advisor for a student project, why didn’t I ask where the meetings would be held?
Because I’m a moron; that’s why.
Oh, and the best part? The other staff advisor to the project is – you guessed it – Hot Librarian.

I don’t get rejected. Why would I? There’s objectively nothing undesirable about me. Well, maybe besides a lack of humility. But still.
That didn’t stop Sexy Professor from bolting right in the middle of an almost-hookup and avoiding me like the plague, though. And that level of avoidance takes f*cking work on a small campus like CCC.
So when he showed up to co-supervise a student project, I didn’t give him the time of day. Didn’t notice how his rain-soaked sweater clung to his body. Or how the little droplets of water gathered at the tips of his wavy hair. And I sure as hell didn’t get turned on as he nibbled the cap of his pen while listening to the project proposal.
Professors just don’t do it for me. Never have. Never will.

Romantic Hero is book one of the Coleridge Cliffs series. It’s a broody academic vibe MM romance series that is equal parts heat and heart.

Heather's Review: 

Romantic Hero was like an onion - so many layers... it was so frustrating, but yet so sweet!  A true slow burn romance that had the characters confused about themselves and their own wants and needs... I absolutely adored the love letters theme and the grumpy/sunshine vibes.  I love the world building and the way the author created Coleridge Cliffs with all the quirky features of the town history and location.

I have to say that I, myself was a little bit confused by the secondary plot that started in the prologue with Austen and also why the characters kept running away from each other, especially when they were both so good with words, but the whole thing redeemed itself in the end and truly captured the broody academic MM romance vibe that Jeris Jean was striving for.

I can't wait to see where the next book in the series heads and can't wait to see more of Theo and Calum as their friends and family find their own HEA's.

I recommend Romantic Hero if you love a good love letter/penpal romance or just a story with lots of amazing prose... and give it 5 Stars.