My Fae Mate (Mistvale Spin Off) by Stella Rainbow

My Fae Mate is a sweet Christmas novella with a gender fluid mc and a grumpy tea shop owner:

From the blurb:

Fate has spent centuries helping people find their mates. This Christmas, they just might find the man of their dreams.

Being the carrier of Fate's magic gave me a lot of responsibilities. With the help of my pixies, I helped people find their mates by bringing them in each other's paths.
When one of my pixies led me to my own mate, I realized for the first time just how important my job is.
Hector is everything I'd ever needed, and with the help of some small Christmas miracles, I'm determined to make him mine.

People were annoying and Christmas was nothing but a commercial gimmick. I wanted nothing to do with it, until a customer ordered my favorite tea and I found myself trapped in their pale green eyes.
Celeste was beautiful, and unique, and nothing like me. They're free, bright, and a fae with magic I couldn't wrap my head around.
Even I could admit finding my fae mate was nothing short of a Christmas miracle, if I could just manage to hold onto them.

Look out for:
Celeste is tricked into finding their mate, Hector just wants to brew his tea, genderfluid MC, Fate isn't the only matchmaker, Christmas vibes, Celeste tries to woo their mate, Hector MAY be swayed, tea is their love language, Iris and Mia cheer from the sidelines, Hector is in for a surprise, fated mates, Celeste can rock a gown AND a suit, mistletoe kisses, Christmas party in Otherworld, fluffy romance, cozy tea times.

My Fae Mate is a 25k words Christmas novella featuring a genderfluid MC, a grumpy tea lover, and cozy holiday cheer.

Jacquie's Review:

I had the privilege of beta reading this novella for Stella Rainbow. It's full of her low angst trademark sweetness that is perfect for this time of year.

Celeste is fate and is lonely while they work to help others find their mates. They have the fae ability to express their gender by changing their body at will and can detect people's mate bonds.

They happen upon their own mate, Hector, and although he's reluctant at first, the way they get to know each other is sweet.

I'll admit I was concerned about an m/f scene in what is largely an n/m series, but it is well written, isn't overly descriptive and the main claiming scene is while Celeste is in their male form. I actually really enjoyed how Celeste was able to express their gender how they pleased.

Although My Fae Mate is a Mistvale Spin off I wouldn't say it's necessary to read those books first. I would recommend the Otherworld series though, as we meet Celeste there along with her brother. It adds more background that way. 

Rating: 5 Stars