Mr. Jingle Bells by Leta Blake

I love when someone's gaze shifts slightly and it finally dawns on them that the anxiety they feel about a person isn't discomfort it's chemistry...

From the Mr. Jingle Bells Blurb:

Opposites attract as frosty business partners become fake boyfriends in this Christmas gay romance!

After an emergency forces Ashton Sellers from his apartment, all he wants for Christmas is new lipgloss, zero contact from his abusive family, and a place to stay for the holidays. Cue his business partner begrudgingly taking him in.

Walker’s a fuddy-duddy with no sense of fun, but he does have a safe, warm home with four adorable dogs and delicious food on the table.

If it turns out Walker’s also a secret softy with a tender side and a hot body beneath his endless parade of golf shirts? Great, good, cool. And if Walker wants Ashton to pretend to be his boyfriend for his sister’s Christmas-themed wedding? Awesome, amazing.

Could Walker be the safe haven Ashton missed out on as a child? Could they be falling in love for real?

But when Ashton uncovers a painful mistake in Walker’s past, it hits too close to home. As the jingle bells quiet and the snow settles, will Ashton be able to forgive Walker, or will their relationship be over before it ever truly begins?

Mr. Jingle Bells is a gay Christmas story by Leta Blake featuring forced proximity, opposites attract, fake dating, office romance, steamy scenes, and a taffy-sweet happy ending. It's set in the Home for the Holidays universe, which began with Mr. Frosty Pants, but can be read as a standalone.

Content warnings for childhood abuse, past addiction issues, PTSD episodes, and gambling.

Heather's Review:

As Christmas stories go, Mr. Jingle Bells deals with some pretty heavy topics - childhood abuse, past addiction issues, PTSD episodes, passive aggressive behaviour, gambling and toxic families... but at it's heart it's a pretty vanilla love story between two men and it works well.

One of the things I really like is that, while the story is set at Christmas, it's a full length novel and really allows you to explore who the characters are and what their backstories are.  Leta Blake create a world that I found readable and real.  This book can easily be read standalone and can definitely be enjoyed year round...

Rating: 5 stars

Miki J.'s Review:

"Your collarbones have been making me crazy."

I really loved this book !! It's another great continuation of the series....I've read book 1 and skipped book 2 but now need to how / why events occurred. Other than that - can be read as standalone. Mr. Jingle Bells covered addictions - from those one who worked through it to another who's had to live with it (from family members) and the fallout of same. It's intense, relentless and angsty....but when there's's beautiful. Doesn't mean love fixes all - totally not. Story just sucks you in but does have HEA. I'd cried if it didn't....well I did cry anyway....but it's a great book !! 

Rating: 5 Stars