Merry and Sprite by Dani Lakely

Merry & Sprite was a slow burn Christmas story with a little magic thrown in.


Opposites attract in this hilarious and sexy holiday romance with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of heart.

Jonathan’s to-do list:
1. Deck the halls
2. Throw Forrest off the nearest cliff

Jonathan Thomas moved across the country to escape his ex, only to end up planted next to a guy who drives him even further out of his mind. Forrest Wilde has no problem doing every little thing he can to work Jonathan’s last nerve, crashing into his tidy life and well-built walls with obnoxious flirtations and merry mischief.

When Jonathan is mysteriously hit with a spell that forces him to grant the wishes of the local townsfolk, he strikes a deal with Forrest to help him find a cure. As the saying goes, keep your friends close, and the impossibly hot guy who may just be an imp closer.

Toeing the line between naughty and nice, Jonathan and Forrest work together to break the spell. But as the tension between the two nears its breaking point, Jonathan is forced to decide if it’s really hate he feels — or something he's willing to risk everything on for the greatest wish of all.

Merry & Sprite is a slow-burn contemporary MM Christmas romance set in a small beach town on the Southern California coast. The story features enemies-to-lovers, hijinks and banter, rival Christmas tree farms, and a little black cat. This warm-hearted romantic comedy is sure to cast its spell on you this holiday season!

Jacquie's Review:

Cute and with a touch of magic thrown into the mix, Merrry & Sprite is a slow burn story with a frenemies vibe.

Jonathan works to keep Forrest at arms length, he doesn't want to be a one, so he's always got a caustic remark ready. 

Forrest flirts relentlessly but in a really adorable and respectful way and the granting wishes pushes them together. 

I loved the small town vibe and hope for other stories set there. 

Merry & Sprite is a lower heat book with the focus on the feelings between them

Red's Book Reads Review:

When Jonathan is hit with a spell and starts having to grant his friends and neighbour’s wishes, he has to work closely with the man who irritates him the most - Forrest.   

I loved this whole concept and how Jonathan suddenly finds himself able to see what his neighbours wish for the most. There were times when it seemed Jonathan was a little harsh towards Forrest but on the whole their relationship was a fun twist on the enemies to lovers concept. I say twist as this was one-sided with only Jonathan disliking Forrest and not a true ‘enemies’ vibe. Merry & Sprite is a lovely holiday story though and I enjoyed it. 

Miki J's Review:

“Run, Forrest!” he yells, decision made.  “Ruuuuuuun!”  

This book is a light-hearted comedy.  There’s Jonathan, new guy in the neighbourhood, who seems stuck up & stubborn and then there’s Forrest, the free spirit who just loves to rile him up.  You can see where this is going…..throw in Christmas time, a spell (or curse depending on who says it) and we have a close proximity story.  

I did find Forrest a tad annoying at the beginning with all of this punny jokes, but as the story went along, he grew on me.  Overall, a lovely cozy afternoon read.

Tammy's Review:

I enjoy the sappy Christmas books that come out around this time every year, and Merry & Sprite is no exception.  It’s sort of enemies to lovers, but more like dislike to love.

Jonathan and Forrest dance around each other a lot in the beginning.  I would go so far as to say this book is slow burn.  Jonathan is resistant because he sees Forrest as a player and has been hurt by his past relationship.

The magic isn’t ‘in your face’ it’s more like a mild charm that has been placed on Jonathan. And Forrest offers to help him see it through to get it to stop.  Of course as each challenge passes they get to know each other better.

In the end, they get their HEA and the ‘curse’ is lifted.

Heat: 4/10 (not very steamy, and it takes them a while to get there)

Character development: 8/10 (each character had their own voice)

Humor: 6/10 (made me chuckle in a few spots)

World building: 5/10 (I wouldn’t really call this fantasy or paranormal, it’s more contemporary with a dash of holiday spirit)

Overall: 8/10 (would recommend for a sweet holiday story)


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