If Only For Today by Gabbi Grey - Audiobook Review

Jacquie reviews the audiobook edition of If Only For Today by Gabbi Grey and says Michael Ferraiuolo's narration added warmth and sweetness to this delightful romance

From the blurb:

Jared Langford is a happy man. The desk clerk at the Deerbourne Inn knows everyone in his cozy town in Vermont. He is accepted and loved by the community, but he's missing someone special in his life.

Devastating news has brought journalist Xander Fortier to Willow Springs for some much-needed rest. He's photographed every major conflict in the world for the last 10 years, but being stateside has forced him to reassess the solitary life he's been living.

Something in Xander's gruff demeanor calls to Jared's caring nature. Soon the men are spending time together, but Jared's kisses might not be enough to keep Xander from leaving. Can the men find a happily ever after if they only have today?

Jacquie's Review:

Do they fall in love quickly? Yes. Did I mind that? No.

It actually fit the story really well.

Here you get two well rounded out characters with complicated pasts and a fair bit of baggage.

There is no heat apart from a couple of kisses but I loved that about it. The romance was simple and sweet.

I quickly got to love both of the MC's, becoming invested in them. There's a cast of assorted side characters that all had something about them that added interest.

If Only For Today is part of a series but can be read, or listened to, as a standalone.

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

I enjoyed listening to Michael Ferraiuolo, as always, he gave just the right amount of extra to this book. The book has two strong main characters who both have had their share of hurt and heartache but in completely different ways. The men took time to get to know each other, which, a change from so many books, which I appreciated. The book is short well written and it propels you through a lot of emotions, for me especially in relation to illnesses.

Rating: 4.5 stars.