Dual Defiance by Kate Hawthorne (Duality Book 3)

I was just invited to join Kate Hawthorne's ARC Team and to celebrate, I got a copy of Dual Defiance... it's the third book in the Duality series, and I hadn't read books 1 or 2... and I'm sure that there were a few things I missed because I didn't know all the players as well as someone who's been following the whole arc, but honestly this book was hot and steamy all on it's own...

 From the Blurb:

A hero turned villain...

Alistair Sharp's life is spiraling out of control. His ex-wife is on a rampage, systematically trying to take out the people close to him one by one. Thankfully, the people close to him are smarter than her, faster than her, and always a step ahead. His inability to wrap up one pencil skirt wearing loose end is forcing him to question his career path.

An unsuspecting bystander...

Matty Franklin lives a fast and easy life, but he doesn't know what he's in for the night he finds himself in the lap of hired hitman, Alistair Sharp. With a bank account that doesn't match the size of his dreams, Matty is barely making ends meet until Alistair makes him an offer he would be foolish to refuse.

A surprising ending...

The former Mrs. Sharp is not interested in letting Alistair go quietly, but Matty isn't going to give him up without a fight. Matty and Alistair's entire relationship defies societal expectations, but is their union solid enough to see them through to a happy ending?

Heather's Review:

Wow! Just wow... I love a good polyamory story, but Kate takes this one to a whole new level I hadn't thought of - emotionally monogamous, sexually open... and exploring that, as well as CBT, some serious humiliation kink and more gives us one steamy story full of BDSM elements while still telling an emotionally compelling story.

I love how both MC's find their emotional soulmates in each other and just how little phases either one of them.  Being the third book in the series, I expected there to be little things I missed in translation, but I truly didn't feel that way - every side character fit within the context of this story and while I'm definitely going to go back and read book 1 & 2 now that I've finished Dual Defiance, I don't think you necessarily have to read all 3 books to enjoy this one.

Dual Defiance is not for the faint hearted. It does have some serious on page violence including shootings, drowning and descriptions of choking and more...  but it also has some touching and laugh out loud moments. It still does have a HEA and a super steamy epilogue. 

PS - This book released two days early because Amazon chose to conveniently forget that Kate had uploaded her book, thus cancelling all of the pre-orders.    Please consider picking up the book if you can... if this one is a little too spicy for your tastes, you can also check out my reviews of other Kate Hawthorne titles and our 10 Things Interview with her here.