Daily and Weekly Emails!

Hello everyone!

I've been neglectful of sending out spiffy newsletters, finding it overwhelming on top of managing the team, the social media accounts and an unpredictable family life, so I've opted to offer our readers the opportunity to have daily or weekly digest emails that include short excerpts and links to each post!  

I don't want to inundate anyone and I can't quite figure out how to share the sign ups for these specific options in mailchimp, so I've done what feels simplest to me... created another google form (lol) I love me some google forms...

If you are currently subscribed, I have enrolled you in the daily digest for the first few days.  If you want to receive the daily digest, and are already subscribed, you're good to go!  You'll also receive announcements!

If you are currently subscribed to the newsletter and only want to receive occasional announcements, that's great - just let me know in the form below that you want announcements only and I'll remove you from the daily list and only send occasional emails.

If you prefer the weekly digest email, please complete the form below:

If you're not subscribed yet... fill out the form below:

To see a sample of the daily email visit here

To see a sample of the weekly email visit here

Thank you for being a part of the MMRomance Reviewed Community!