Book Blogger Hop - Reading on Halloween


Do I read on Halloween... yep, I'm closing in on 1200 days in a row according to my kindle app (1187 to be exact..) and 170 weeks in a row... and that's just on kindle... I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't read a book or e-book for at least a few minutes...

I'm the mom who has her kindle with her at all times and I read in line-ups, at sporting events, heck I even read at the movie theater when I'm waiting for the feature to start... so yes, I'll be reading on Halloween, and being an ARC reader, it will probably be a Christmas book...

If you're a traditionalist and looking for a book recommendation that actually match the Halloween Spirit, and you'd like to delve into a kinky MMM story, may I recommend AE Lister's Skeletal Equation or if you are looking for a thriller with more psychological darkness, you should read or listen to Max by Bey Deckard.  Another series that will definitely take you to a dark place is Onley James' Necessary Evil Series... 

And as always now that you've read my response, please consider heading over to Coffee Addicted Writer to see who else is hopping this week!

So what did I read last year?

When hopping around one of my fellow bloggers said they checked Goodreads to see what they read on Halloween last year - so I did the same... looks like I read two books by Eli Easton - Family Camp and Angels Sing - both books in the Daddy's Dearest series... who knew :)

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  1. Wow! Almost 1200 days in a row - that sounds incredible put like that! I also read every day, it would be so cool to see how many days in a row I've done but I switch between e-books and physical too often to know lol!

  2. Oh wow! I read mostly everyday, though on weekends I might not read as much as I'm busy running errands or doing things with family. But I read at least 5 days out of the week for sure!

    Thanks for visiting my BBH!


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