The New Neighbor by Rye Cox

 It's always great to discover a new author, and once again our team was able to review Rye Cox's new novel The New Neighbor!  

"He was as sweet as the desserts he made, but he was a sweet  meant only for me" - Zack

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From the Author:

What do you do with an irresistible neighbor you didn’t account for in your life?

Caleb had big dreams of opening a bakery when he was young, but they were shattered when tragedy struck, making him the man of the house. His Mom and younger brother depended on him to be strong and support them, even if it meant sacrificing himself. He was resigned to being a cog in the wheel in a job he hated, until his new neighbor moved in and challenged everything.

Zack didn’t do relationships. After his family cut ties with him, he vowed to stick to friendships in the future. However, when his blushing neighbor overheard him mention erectile dysfunction and balls, he couldn’t let the cute man leave thinking he had issues with his lower parts.

The New Neighbor is book 1 of the Corio Heights series about well, the new neighbor. Join Caleb and Zack’s story as they discover that they can have more than what they resigned themselves to. It features a regal cat, hurt/comfort themes, and lots of blushing.

Sarah C.'s Review and Rating 5 Stars

The New Neighbor hooked me from the very beginning. Zack and Caleb were compelling characters that pulled me in from the start and kept me wanting more. 

The New Neighbor focuses on two neighbors (obviously) - Zack and Caleb. Zack has recently moved into the building, works at a decent job but has a new supervisor who hates him for some unknown reason, and owns the best cat in the world, Lady. Caleb is an accountant who would rather be a baker but chose a practical career he doesn't actually like to help support his mom and younger brother after the tragic loss of his father when he was eleven. Almost every decision he makes is about what is best for other people. His own happiness isn't even secondary, because he could find someone else to prioritize. 

Caleb is also incredibly socially awkward and prone to rambling and I just love him so very much. 

Caleb and Zack have a meet cute where Caleb comes over to bring cookies and accidentally hears a bit too much from Zack. Its adorable. Its awkward. As they get to know one another, there are other adorably awkward moments until the moments are less awkward because they are more comfortable around one another. And that is a really cute thing to actually get to witness. 

There is a slow burn to the romance itself, but the time they spend getting to know one another works better. It makes the burn not feel quite so slow and you're not quite as ready to throw the book across the room - at least that was my experience. 

The side characters in this book were great and I'm very excited to read some of their stories. I think the one I want to read most will be Ian. I really want to see if I'm right about who his love interest is going to be and how that's going to work out. 

Rye Cox is a new to me author and already has a collection on my kindle waiting to be filled with their future works.

Laora's Review and Rating 4 Stars

This is a new to me author, and I believe a new author in mm.
There is a fun short prequel to this book where we are introduced to the MCs and their best friends. The prequel and this book can be read as a stand alone.

The main characters are Caleb, who became an accountant to support his family but really wants to be a baker baker and Zack, a restaurant consultant who loves to cook and just wants to belong.
Both men are insecure about relationships, long term relationships did not work out in the past for either of them. That is why they start a friendship and develop a strong relationship over shared diners and desserts and a love for a diva cat and shared runs and game nights with their friends.
This book is a nice easy to read novel with a clear writing style that keeps going at a nice pace till the HFN/HEA. Each chapter is written from the POV by either Caleb or Zack who are the main characters. Only the epilogue is written from the POV of Ian, Caleb his best friend. It seems this is done to conclude this book and set up the second book in this series in which he will be a MC.
I would recommend this book this book if you like mm, with medium to low heat.
Possible trigger: mentioning in the book neglect by parents.

Heather's Review and Rating 5 Stars

Caleb and Zack are both definitely wary of relationships, especially starting physical relationships with people they may have to see all the time like a neighbor.   This book is a true slow burn, slow build mm romance with a huge friends to lovers arc, which builds from a spark when they meet.  If you're an insta-love, insta-sex person, this will not be the book for you, but if you can be patient as the relationship unfolds, the payoff is worth it,

The New Neighbor's pacing is good and the story draws you in - my two main complaints are that Rye Cox didn't include recipes for cookies or cheesecake and that while the epilogue sets up the next book I really didn't want Caleb and Zack's blossoming love to end yet...   I know they'll be cameos in future books, but I already miss them both!

This was a quick and easy read and it definitely built all the feels, so I highly recommend grabbing The New Neighbor and adding it to your TBR!