Sweet Thing by Emma Alcott

What do you get when you combine a himbo author and a shy personal assistant? Magic. You get magic. And that is what Emma Alcott has here with Sweet Thing - the second Masters of Romance novel.

From the Author:

My name is Patrick Neumann, and I have the world’s worst-kept secret—I’m in love with my boss, Aaron (aka: Nyx), and everyone knows it but him.

You’d think an award-winning romance author would be able to spot his own happily ever after a mile away, but nope. Aaron is clueless. I could show up on his doorstep in a jockstrap with a rose clenched between my teeth and he’d still think I only want to be friends.

Which is why I’ve written myself my own perfect happily ever after and published it under my new secret pen name: Miller Night. It’s seventy thousand words of sweet, steamy romance starring thinly veiled versions of me and Aaron—all my deepest, darkest desires spelled out right there on the page. I haven’t been subtle about it, but I’m not worried. It’s not like Aaron will read it. And even if he does, he’s so oblivious he’ll never figure out that Miller is really me.

I’ve read a lot of romance novels in my life, but the one I just finished is the most perfect of all. It’s swoony, sweet, indulgent, and so hot the words almost melt off the page. It’s so good that if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was written just for me.

Best of all, it’s helped distract me from the feelings I shouldn’t be having for my cute blue-haired personal assistant, Patrick.

I don’t know the author who wrote it, but I need to be his friend.

Miller Night, watch out, because I’m going to make you mine.

Sweet Thing is the second book in the Masters of Romance series, where romance authors don’t just write about happily ever afters—they live them. Get ready for love, laughter, and some serious steam. No cheating and no love triangles, guaranteed. This boss/employee, friends to lovers, secret identity rom-com romp of a book can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s way more fun to binge them all. Which author are you most excited to see get his HEA?

Sarah C's Review and Rating - 5 Stars

I enjoyed the first Masters of Romance novel. This one though? This one I loved so much that one of my friends who doens't even read this genre was getting a running commentary, complete with snippets of hilarious dialogue, because the book was making me so happy that I had to share it with SOMEONE. But now that we know how much I loved this book, let's get into the why.

Sweet Thing is the story of Nyx, a great big lovable himbo who moonlights as author Aaron Upton, and his personal assistant, Patrick - a shy, awkward, and incredibly lovable thing who also happens to moonlight as first time author Miller Night. In fact, he wrote his debut novel - which quickly burns through the Amazon charts - about his feelings for Nyx. He needed to get them out. He just didn't expect them to be so well recieved by the general public. He really didn't expect for Nyx to become practically obsessed with becoming Miller's friend or requesting his help to do so.

The whole first half read like a Shakespearean comedy of errors and I was HERE for it.

Both of the main characters were so lovable and precious and honestly, I will fight someone to protect Nyx. I didn't realize that I was missing out on a lovable himbo character until one was placed right in front of me, making me cringe in secondhand embarassment from the very obvious things he was missing, and making me wish that I could just shrink him down and put him in my pocket for safe keeping. Patrick was equally adorable - tripping over his words every time he went to make a confession to Nyx, and often times tripping into other things.

And the side characters? Sweet Thing is dripping with rich side characters that enhance the flavor of this text. From the raucous but loving Cosgrove brothers - Nyx's four brothers - to the snarky barista Morgan that Patrick befriends, they all felt real and colorful and alive and breathed amazingness into the story. And the other authors in the Masters of Romance discord? I need more of their stories. Specifically, I want to read a book about Dash because I just need more of that snarky, sarcastic bean.

So would I recommend Sweet Thing?

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. Enthusiastically and happily and probably shouting at the top of my lungs.

This book is steamy in the right areas, fluffier than a cloud, has the most mild angst possible, and hits pretty much all my buttons just the right way. There is even a wonderful discussion about the inherent power inequality of Nyx being Patrick's boss. This book had everything. The only thing I didn't like was that it ended and my time with these amazing main characters had to end.

I will be revisiting.

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