Not Over You: A Sons of Cape Cod Novel by Jodi Payne

Not Over You was a low angst second chance romance with great worldbuilding and nice characters.  Three of our reviewers share their perspectives below!

From the Author:

Five years ago, Scott Borden finally shook the sand off his feet and left his Cape Cod hometown for a dream job in Silicon Valley. Scott barely gave Falmouth a second thought once he was in California, but he’s never been able to get Jarlath completely out of his mind.

Jarlath O’Connolly now owns his late father’s pub in Falmouth Heights. O’Connolly’s pub is part of the heartbeat of his hometown and its walls hold the memories of everything he’s ever loved. Everything except his best friend, Scott. Scott was easy to replace with a new bartender, but there was no replacing Scott in Jarlath’s heart.

The summer is ending, there’s a hurricane in the forecast, and Scott’s finally come home, but Jarlath isn’t sure he’s ready for the reunion. A lot has changed, including Jarlath’s understanding of who Scott really was to him. Will they still find each other hard to get over once they’re face to face?

Miki J's Review:

This book is all about the 2nd chances….and nothing brings that more into focus than when you are in an adverse situation or 3.   I got totally sucked into this story from the start.  Beautiful….felt all the ups and downs and the cringes and the heartache.  Unrequited love / new/bi awakenings…..that moment….brought tears to my eyes. …..this book grabbed me from the start.  Written from 2 POV’s – has all the feels and drama and steamy times.  Sometimes it’s hard to trust again but true strength is taking that first step !  Beautiful story 

Rating 5/5 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

This was only the second book I had read by this author and so far I am loving their writing.  This was a really nice second chance romance and is low angst low drama. It's an excellent story, not only about the romance, but also about how people will come together after a disaster happens.  Can't wait to see what happens next with this series.

Rating 4/5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Not Over You was a book where you want to visit.  The world that Jodi Payne creates has a great community and a several interesting side characters.  I would totally take a vacation to the Cape and want to meet Jarlath, Scott and the others.  As great as the world was, I was struck with things I was missing from the characters - real discussion of where they'd been and what had happened over the 5 years Scott was gone, the side characters who wanted to interact with Scott - go fishing or hang out that never happened, and left me wondering what could have been added to the story by him talking to more side characters... 

Not to give away the ending, but it felt rushed and a little too neat - everything wrapped up without fanfare and I guess I was just waiting for a wow or a hint of angst, or even a 10 minute fight between the characters over something stupid - it just felt like it was on a trajectory to sweetness and it left you just a little bereft of heat.

Not Over You a good story and if you're looking for a sweet, low angst, second chance romance with moderate heat and a cute town, this is good choice for you.

Rating 4/5 Stars

Introducing KjnRose:

I am a disabled stay at home mom with three kids, two of which have ASD.  I love reading and have been able to stay at reading about 10 books or so a week as long it's through Kindle Unlimited.  I started reviewing books to have the opportunity to both help authors, and help myself be able to read books that I couldn't afford.