Flipping the Switch by Brigham Vaughn - our first Three Way Review!

I guess it's fitting that our first three way review on the blog is a story of three men - a dom, a sub and a switch... and it's all about Flipping The Switch!

First off, as usual, From the Author:

A silver fox Dom, a sweet sub, and a feisty switch: could three be the perfect number?

Logan Shaw is a divorced dominant with a bag full of toys and no one to play with. He loves the construction company he built from the ground up, but he’s been longing for a submissive to make his life complete.

Tony Christensen hates running the family towing business but his father's illness left him in charge of the company with no time to follow his dreams or find a Dom to love and praise him.

On the surface, chef Jude Maddox leads a charmed life, but his restaurant renovation is a mess and he can't find another switch to make his kinky dreams come true. Jude is smitten with the perfect sub he met through a kinky hook up app, but he knows he can't be the full time Dom Tony needs. When he meets a sexy older dominant on that same app, he never dreams it's his father's best friend—or what it will mean for the three of them.

As a switch, Jude can finally indulge in both sides of himself. Logan has two subs to guide, tease, and torment. And Tony? He's about to get all the domination and praise he yearns for. But when their explosive chemistry turns to love, will what they've built together be strong enough to withstand the forces that would tear them apart?

Reds Book Reads Review:

We met Jude in a previous book and I will be honest I wasn’t a fan. He is totally redeemed in this book however and I love how you get to learn more about his character and why he is the way he is. Tony was just the sweetest guy. He’s so worn down by life and I love how he comes out of his shell and his growth in learning to fight for what he wants. Logan is the oldest of the trio and a family friend of Jude and I love how the younger two draw him out and allow him to explore who he is meant to be as a Dom. 

The trio work perfectly together and I adored how well they balanced each other. I have always loved Grandma June and hope she appears in future books! All together a really great book and a lovely end to the series. "

Rating 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

When we first met Jude he came off as both cocky and borderline rude.  It seemed odd that he'd want to settle down in Pendleton, but I'm so glad he got his HEA.

Flipping the Switch worked for me from the first word to the last - it was funny, sweet, steamy, endearing and just a little bit angsty!  The relationships between the MCs and their families added a level of character building that I enjoyed.  I'm a big fan of well written MMM relationships and Flipping the Switch is one that I consider very well written.  

Rating 5 Stars

Tammy's Review:

I enjoyed the story of Jude, Logan, and Tony coming together and building their unconventional relationship between the three of them. The angst created by Jude and Logan having known each other since Jude was young was an effective point of conflict.

Tony and Jude had an on-again off-again history of playing together.  Tony was a sweet character, he had low self-esteem and just wanted to please and be loved.

The hesitation between Jude and Logan as they realized they were attracted to each other seemed a little bit too easy to me.  They ended up in bed together a little bit too fast in my opinion but for the sake of the overall length of the book I think it was effective.

MC development: 8/10 (Jude seemed a little bit whiny at times, and Logan excepted the relationship a little bit too easy in my opinion)
Heat: 8/10 (pretty high heat, not all of the sex scenes seemed necessary)
Length: 8/10 (a bit longer than I would have liked)
Meet cute: 8/10 (Jude and Logan meeting through a hookup app was effective)
BDSM: 7/10 (The BDSM seemed a little bit forced at times)
Overall: 8/10 (would recommend)

Flipping The Switch is currently available in paperback and will be available in ebook beginning September 3rd - pre-order yours today for automatic delivery!

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