All Dolled Up by Chara Croft

 Okay, y'all it may seem like I was good and read this book in line with the rest of my ARC reviews, but this review would have been posted right after I got the book in my hot little kindle, if I didn't have to wait for my partner-in-crime, Tammy to send me her review too...

Without further ado, let's introduce you to All Dolled Up, this week's offering as part of the Destination Daddies summer continuum:

Trendy Asheville, NC is the last place Rene would have thought he’d be heading when he takes a few vacation days. Probably because first, he doesn’t actually get vacation days, and second, because he never goes anywhere. Too many anxieties. Too much responsibility. Too little faith that what he really wants is actually out there. But when a “Daddy” he meets online invites him to a kinky weekend to discover whether or not Rene can be the kind of boy he thinks he wants to be, he takes a leap of faith and… sinks.

Stranded, rejected, and without anywhere to lay his head, Rene’s only choice is to share a room with a stranger. A stranger who helps Rene discover that he does want a Daddy, but it’s not just Daddy’s boy he wants to be…

Pretentious Asheville, NC is the last place Edward would have thought he’d be heading when he takes a few vacation days. Probably because first, he has no use for vacation days, and second, because he never goes anywhere. Not since his husband passed away and took Edward’s heart with him. But when his attorney refuses to follow Edward’s directive to sell a property he owns, Edward rises to the bait and goes to check out the tiny boutique hotel himself to find out just what’s so special about it.

The hotel is fully booked for an event on the only weekend Edward can get away, but he’s the owner, dammit. They will find him a room… and they do. At the expense of a nervous, beautiful boy who Edward’s burst of temper has all but put out on the streets. Stepping in to take care of him is the least Edward can do, even if that means falling down a rabbit hole of kink that he never expected and discovering that maybe his heart didn’t die with his husband after all.

Tammy's Review:

Another winner!

Rene and Edward were so sweet and awkward as they found their direction.  I loved that Rene wasn’t a straightforward boy/little.  And the way Edward soothed Rene’s social anxiety was just so perfect.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the D/s relationship was unusual to say the least.  It absolutely worked perfect for these characters though.  The build up and relationship development in the beginning was so sweet and just bumped the story up another notch for me. 

Heat: 7/10 (not as much sex as you might expect from a Chara book, but the character development in the beginning was wonderful)

Length: 10/10 (just right, everything was wrapped up nicely)

Meet cute: 9/10 (Great set up for the story, relationship, and characters)

BDSM: 9/10 (well written and sweet, also unusual)

Overall: 10/10 (would highly recommend)

Heather's Review:

Chara Croft is a one-click for me whether it's on Amazon or Smashwords - mildly kinky or full on taboo... just know it's at the top of my list - probably because she always surprises me and never disappoints...  I never thought that I'd love a character who was described in the book as "A Cross between Scrooge McDuck and a soulless corporate raider" but I loved both Edward and Reme from the beginning to end...

Without spoiling the story, All Dolled Up is going to make you go searching for more stories with thish kink.  I never knew I needed the kink introduced in All Dolled Up in my life, but trust me, once you've read this you'll want more. 

It's insta-love without the insta-steam and I love that this book may turn everything you ever thought about Chara Croft's writing on it's head - it's slow burn with amazing character development (not that she doesn't develop the characters who fall into bed in the first chapter) and the evolution of the relationship is magical!

If you have ever considered reading a Daddy romance, you will want to read All Dolled Up.  This book is definitely in my top 3 books for this year!  It's fresh, it's fun and it's so well written you'll want to read it cover to cover, over and over again!

My rating 5+ Stars!

Autumn's Review:

While each book is written by a different author, each book will take you on a new adventure. In All Dolled Up, Rene (who I absolutely adore) isn't sure if he's a little, or middle, or anything kinky for that matter. 

With the held of a man, who really comes in at the right time to save Rene over and over again, Rene finds out exactly what, and who he is. He's Daddy's Dollbaby, and that means he doesn't have to figure things out. That's Daddy's job. 

I loved this book from start to finish. Rene is my favorite character ever now. 

Wrap up:

All Dolled Up has tea parties and teddy bears, a grouchy, overprotective Daddy who had no idea he was one, a nervous boy who thought he was Little but finds out he was wrong, and the discovery of a brand new kink that fits both of them perfectly. This book is part of the Destination Daddies multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many destinations and Daddies to discover, why not grab them all?