Wounded Winger by R.M. Neill (Nickel City Bandits Book 3) 4 Stars

Wounded Winger is the third book in the Nickel City Bandits series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone.  You do see the characters interact with the MC's from the first two books, but you don't need to know their backstories for the interactions...  So standalone or as part of the series, what should you expect from Wounded Winger?  Sweet, schmoopy love, a dollop of new adult relationship angst, snarky fun BFF, nerdy chemistry guy and a hot hockey player with a spreadsheet kink!

From the Author:

Hockey’s a dangerous sport, and injury is part of the game. I can prepare for it and expect it to happen.
What I can’t prepare myself for is another kind of injury, one I have no experience with.
A broken heart.
I couldn’t prepare myself for the adorable nerd I fell for, hard and fast.
I couldn’t prepare myself for what followed.

Predicting chemical reactions is a whole lot easier than human ones.
In fact, I can’t even predict my own reactions most days.
Including hurting the one person I’d come to care for the most.
I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with a hockey player.
I wasn’t prepared for how much it would hurt.

My Review:

Wounded Winger was a sweet, quick read that had all the elements you look for in a college/new adult romance - albeit some were a little sudden and felt out of left field.  Both characters are seniors and looking to graduate and move on with their lives which shifts some of the focus from partying and one night stands to their future and that theme runs through the book, along with the internal angst of being 21.  I also liked Jordan's kink - it added an element of humour to the story.

As someone looking in, the writing felt a little abrupt in a few places, but overall the story had great arc and readability.  It also has the feel good, fluffy factor and a bit of humour.  

If you are looking for a fluffy nerd/jock new adult romance than you'll want to check out Wounded Winger!

Wounded Winger is Book 3 in the Nickel City Bandits series of standalones. It involves an adorable chemistry loving nerd and a spreadsheet loving jock, with themes of insta-love and second chances, stock market dirty talk, foreplay in an aptly named restaurant and life changing choices.