Tourist Attraction by Luna David and Honey London - A Destination Daddies Book 5 Stars x 3!

 What do you get when you cross a smart, but driven ER Doctor daddy with a brilliant, but awkward astrophysics student boy?  Tourist Attraction by Luna David and Honey London, of course!

From the Authors:
When an ER doctor rescues an accident-prone boy on a tropical island getaway, is it true love or just a tourist attraction?

Gavin doesn’t do relationships. Sure, he’s a Daddy, but he’s married to his job. So a kinky vacation to Turks and Caicos, where he can find a boy-of-the-week, is exactly what he needs to temporarily sate his Daddy desires. What he doesn’t need is to find an awkward and brilliant boy in the Miami airport who makes him question everything before his vacation has even begun.

Ollie needs a Daddy… and a doctor as well. He inadvertently injures himself on a daily basis so when he literally stumbles into Gavin, it seems like a match made in heaven. Ollie regularly relies on his trusty first aid kit, but when he learns Gavin isn’t looking for something serious, Ollie realizes he can’t put a bandage on a broken heart.

Will Gavin be able to make room in his life for the perfectly imperfect Ollie after they return to Miami, or will a week of playing doctor become nothing more than a fond memory?

Heather's Review: 

First of all, Ollie is one of my favourite characters to emerge from the Destination Daddies series, along with the guys from Colette Davison's Greeking Out and Reese Morrison's All Tied Up!  He is so sweet and literal - so much that he has to figuratively die!!! This book combines sweet, caring daddy cuddles with some heavier pain play and spankings - probably sliding just a little further down the BDSM scale than some of the other Destination Daddies books - and it works for these characters!

I love that Ollie and Gavin take a little time circling each other before actually jumping into their Daddy/boy vacation fling!  My only regret is that we're not going to get stories for all of Ollie's friends - Bennett, Chaz and Miguel all deserve their HEA's too!

Tammy's Review:

I loved this book so much!  All the squishy, Daddy/boy, hurt comfort feels you could want.

I loved Ollie and his awkward, accident prone, fact rambling self.  He has low self esteem because most people don’t understand his brilliant mind and sweet need to connect.

Gavin is an older surgeon who’s career comes before everything else.  He only allows himself temporary boys because he believes he doesn’t have enough time and energy to give to a relationship.

Together they have a hard time resisting each other.  The setting of a tropical beach retreat set up for the BDSM community, the meet cute in the airport, and the ‘it can only be something this week’ rule from Gavin creates the perfect storm for desires, conflict, struggles, and a sweet conclusion.

I loved that Ollie put himself out there asking Gavin to see where their connection could go beyond the island retreat.  It was so brave and sweet that Gavin turning him down was heartbreaking.  But of course accident prone Ollie ends up in front of Daddy Gavin one more time and he finally finds something to change his priorities.

MC development: 10/10 (Ollie and Gavin each have distinct voices and personalities)
Heat: 7/10 (just right, well balanced to add to the story and relationship without being smut)
Humor: 7/10 (Some of the crazy accidents that Ollie manages to stumble into are so amusing, even though I felt sorry for him at the same time)
Length: 10/10 (just right, hit all the important points nothing left hanging)
Meet cute: 10/10 (Ollie correcting the airline agent about the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane was awesome)

Overall: 10/10 (would highly recommend)

Autumn's Review:

Adorable Ollie may be clumsy, shy, and on the sweet side, but he's my new favorite character. I loved Ollie right from the start. I have a sweet spot for clumsy, shy boys. While Ollie isn't a little, he still needs a daddy who is able to be there to make sure he stays on track. it's even better when Gavin is not only a daddy, but a ER dr who falls head over heels for the rambling boy. 

Tourist Attraction is an age gap, Daddy kink, gay romance featuring a love-resistant doctor and an adorably intelligent yet clumsy boy. Flames erupt, forks fly, and everyone gets lei'd in this sweet and steamy love story that will make even the most jaded hearts believe in happily ever after. This book is part of the Destination Daddies multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many destinations and Daddies to discover, why not grab them all?