It's Paradise, Baby by K.D. Ryan

It's BACK!  At least for now, you can get It's Paradise, Baby at Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited by clicking - the author doesn't know if it will stay there, so if you want it, grab it now!

Update posted with KD's permission - It's Paradise, Baby is not currently for sale, but my review stands.  If you want to support KD, her Amazon Account was reinstated, so she can still get royalties from her other books - Finding His Boy and Finding His Home that I reviewed on the blog.  

TLDR: Many of you heard about the drama with It’s Paradise Baby over the weekend. It very much seems a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, but unfortunately I don’t have the ability to sell the book right now via AMZ or other platforms. 
Long Version:
First, the book was dungeoned before it was even released because I used the word “breeding” in the subtitle and blurb. I realized this was problematic and removed it. AMZ removed it from the dungeon. 
Then Thursday night, I received an email from that the book had been taken down for a “cover image violation”. I asked for clarification as to why, and never received any response to my email. I called, but they couldn’t put me in contact with the content review team. 
Then suddenly my book was back on the store with a generic email saying they’d reinstated it. 
Then, later that weekend, AMZ suspended my account and requested that I pull the book down because it violated their terms of service “that we don't sell pornography or hardcore material that depict graphic sexual acts.” 
I complied, and then suddenly the next day they backtracked and said that was an “error”, but I haven’t gotten a firm answer on whether or not I can actually post the book.
I believe part of the problem is that there is a popular baby doll company that has is called Paradise Galleries, and my book came up as the first result if you searched “paradise baby”. Probably led to some unhappy customers who were looking for baby dolls and were confronted with a breeding romance. Oops. Lesson learned to do my research on titles a little better. 
I cannot sell it privately because it was on KDP, so AMZ holds exclusive rights to it for 90 days. 
That’s all I got for now. I’ll update when I know more. Newsletter is the best way to stay informed, so sign up if you haven’t already! 💕

Sometimes you need to take chances even when it might be out of your comfort zone...  and that's what I did with K.D. Ryan's It's Paradise, Baby!

From the Author:

A marriage on the rocks.
A tropical vacation.
A secret obsession.
Trouble might be brewing in paradise for husbands Nick and Ben.

Ben and Nick's marriage is on shaky ground after the pandemic, but a getaway to Key West seems like the perfect way to rekindle their romance. Turns out, a secret fantasy Nick’s been hiding might be just what the two of them need to reconnect.

This 25K word novella features first-time exploration of breeding and daddy kink. No A/B/O or mPreg. Dual POV.
TW: depression, body image/weight gain, mention of pandemic.

My Review:

I never knew I needed Breeding Kink in my life.  I am not a fan of MPreg or ABO - having tried several and just not getting into it, but since the novella was being written by K.D. Ryan, who also wrote one of my favourite ever Daddy Kink duologies (Finding His Boy and Finding His Home) I knew I absolutely had to try this novella. 

In this off the charts steamy short, you get body angst, miscommunication, straight porn and some of the hottest sex two men can have while talking about breeding and cum dumpsters... This is one time I'm glad that my blog is behind an 18+ wall because it needs to be said that if you weren't into men being bred by their daddies before, you will be after reading!

I can't wait until the next book and in the series comes out and then the next book, to find out what kinks are up for grabs.   It's Paradise, Baby! is banned on AMAZON so please support the author and read on another app!!!