Cover Reveal and Excerpt ~ Always Eli (Forever Love Book One) By Charlie Novak

Isn't it so pretty!!!

Always Eli

Author: Charlie Novak      Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Release Date: September 23rd, 2021

From the Author:

What happens when a sassy drag queen falls for his brother’s best friend?

Eli Baker needs a job. Drag isn’t paying the bills and the life of a starving artist isn't as fun when he’s the one living it. Taking a temporary office job is meant to be a quick fix. It's not supposed to reintroduce him to the funny, sharp, and sweet Tristan Rose… who just so happens to be Eli's oldest brother’s best friend.

Eli can’t stand his brother, and the feeling is more than mutual. Getting involved with Tristan could mean family trouble, but Eli's never been one for following the rules, especially when breaking them means annoying his brother.

Tristan is far too intriguing to ignore, especially when he takes an interest in Eli’s life outside the office. He’s not at all what Eli expects, and maybe that’s exactly what Eli needs. But if push comes to shove, will Tristan choose Eli over his best friend?

Always Eli is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring fabulous drag shows, secret biscuits, an office romance, and numerous siblings who can't help getting involved. 

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Author Bio

Charlie lives in England with her husband and a dachshund named Biscuit. She spends most of her days wrangling other people’s words in her day job and then trying to force her own onto the page in the evening.

She loves cute stories with a healthy dollop of fluff, plenty of delicious sex, and happily ever afters — because the world needs more of them. Charlie also believes that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Charlie has very little spare time, but what she does have she fills with cooking, pole-dancing, reading and ice-hockey. She also thinks that everyone should have at least one favourite dinosaur…

Excerpt from Always Eli

Eli, or rather Bitch Fit, stepped onto the stage, and I gasped. She was wearing a black-and-white skin-tight dress that was artfully ripped in places and clung to a new set of curves with fishnet tights and fingerless arm-warmers that were hung with ribbon. Her hair was white, hugely backcombed but with an artfully styled fringe, and her make-up was a dramatic mix of white, purple, and black. She looked almost like a heightened version of the emo style I’d seen everywhere in the late noughties, like one of those old MySpace emo girls come to life. It was wild and over the top and just… perfect.

I’d tried to imagine Eli in drag several times, but nothing I’d come up with had fit him. And now I realised why. I’d been trying to imagine Eli as some sparkling goddess or glamorous star, but Eli was neither of those things. Bitch Fit was an over-the-top personification of everything Eli loved, and she was fucking perfect.

“Hey, bitches,” Bitch Fit said, holding up the microphone and grinning at everyone. “Oh my God, look at you all. You look worse than me.”