Club Deny by A.W. Scott Books 1 -4 5 Stars

 So you know that I usually take weekends to tackle my personal TBR and I did indulge in Mia Monroe's Becoming Daddy, but after that I decided to get the background on the Club Deny series by A.W. Scott after the ARC for Close and Personal was offered to me, so I binged all four books this weekend!  With two more to come and already up for pre-order, if you haven't started this series now would be a great time to add it to your tbr!

I'll let the author introduce you to each one (and I do recommend reading from the beginning as the characters are interconnected and the storyline is simultaneous.

From the Author

Book 1: The New Hire

What do you do when your one night stand turns out to be your boss..

Aiden just got a promotion and is looking to celebrate. Him and his bestie go out for a night on the town, intent to dance the evening away. He takes to the dance floor, ignoring everyone and everything around him.

Miguel Stryker is a man known for his fierce business sense, his striking good looks, and the fact that he's a jerk to everyone he works with. Building his business didn't come easy, so he makes sure to stay focused. Business first always.

When Miguel catches sight of Aiden, he can't stop himself from approaching the small man with the big energy. All thoughts of business go to the wayside... least until Aiden shows up to the office on Monday as the new hire.

**This is a short, quick read. HEA guaranteed.**

Book 2: Hot and Bothered

A business arrangement turned more...


I've been a free spirit my whole life, bouncing from project to project.  My parents gave me everything I ever wanted, except the attention I craved. I spend my days for the next high, for the next thing to keep me busy. Until I think up a business opportunity like no other.

But what happens when I discover that there's another part of me that I didn't know existed?

A part of me that longs to be cared for...


As an investor, I'm always looking for new ideas. When someone happens to reach out about an abnormal investment, I can't help but to be intrigued. I come up with an idea - a risky one.  Meeting the person needing my help only adds to the thoughts swirling through my mind.

But can I convince him that the risk is worth the cost?

And will he truly be able to let me lead... to let me care for him the way he needs...

The way only a Daddy can...

Book 3: Tuck and Run

Can some discipline help to heal this little's broken heart...


I had it all planned out.

Step 1: Find a man to love me.

Step 2: Get married.

Step 3: Live happily ever after.

As you might have guessed, that didn’t happen. What I got instead was a man who pretended to be fine with the things I liked. He pretended to love me in hopes to use me to climb the social ladder.

His betrayal leaves me a shell of the man I used to be. When I meet someone who promises to make me feel again, to help me break out of the darkness I’ve fallen into, I tell myself I can play along. What else could possibly go wrong?


The first time I saw him, I knew.

He’d be the perfect boy for me.

But then I saw that ring on his finger.

And my hopes were dashed.

When I find out that the man who’s been filling my dreams is finally free of the cheating liar he’d been tied down to, I wait patiently to make my move. But Tucker’s hurt is deeper than anyone realizes.

I promise him that he’ll be able to feel again with me. I don’t promise sonnets or love – just some spankings and to take care of his.. appetite. They do say the best way to get over someone is to… The only problem is that I find myself wanting more than I should.

As our time together changes me, I realize I'd been very, very wrong before. Will Tucker’s heart heal enough to let Patrick in? Or will his past keep him from moving forward?

Book 4: Close and Personal

(Heather made a decision not to feature the blurb)

Well we'll get to that - since it's actually a spoiler for the end of book 3, I am going to say that if you want the spoiler, you can get it off Amazon.... since there is a blurb up.

I will say that this story features Benji and Cameron who definitely appear in the previous books.

My Review:

Just like A.W. Scott's Princess Pen Pals series, she has created a world that sucked me in and held me fast this weekend!  I absolutely loved getting to know the entire friend circle starting with Miguel and Aiden and going all the way to Benji and Cameron's story in book 4.

Each story has a different feel and a different dynamic - from the first book that has almost no outward kink other than an informal toppy grump and a sunshiny bottom who could maybe grow into a more formal D/s relationship to the third which features a much stronger Daddy Dom with definite ideas and a sweet repressed little who needs Daddy's love, guidance and dominance.  The fourth book returns to two sweet guys with more angst than kink.  I honestly love all of the characters I met in the books, but I think Lewis is my favourite!

The books are well written, inter-connected and definitely need you to follow the reading order - I do not recommend reading them standalone, since one of the key factors to enjoying this series is the world building and interaction between MC's and side characters in each book.  Each story comes complete with a different angst level and a guaranteed HEA! Once you've read these first four I'd love to know who your favourite character or couple is so far and if you plan to read books 5 & 6 like I plan to devour them!