Book Blogger Hop - Turning Pages

I am participating in Book Blogger Hop again!  Here's this week's prompt: 

If you read a print book after reading a few e-Books, do you find yourself tapping the bottom of the page so it will turn?

Submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews.

My answer:

I have to confess that I honestly haven't read a print book in years!  Not only do I read exclusively on my kindle now, I have switched it to read white text on a black background and love it so much!

The page is from my current read - The Gardener and The Marine by R.J. Scott, which will be a featured review this afternoon once I'm done reading :)

It's been a busy week here at MM Romance Reviewed - my little Facebook Group grew exponentially and has doubled to almost 150 members since this time last week - if you are interested in being one of the 5 people to help me get to that goal, please check it out here!

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