Beautifully Built by T.H. Compton - 5 Stars

I am a sucker for a character that just doesn't fit the mold and with Logan, I just wanted to hug him and love on him to give him confidence to live in his own skin... Fortunately, he met Caine and there was someone who did that for me in Beautifully Built...

From the Author:

Can you find love when you don't believe anyone would want you?


I can be cute, sometimes. I mean, I'm a chubby introvert, but I flaunt it when I feel it. I just don't feel it that often. I've had a few nights of fun, but I’ve never had a boyfriend. No one ever wanted that from me. Tonight the hottest man I have ever seen just asked me out, and I actually laughed in his face. He doesn’t seem to think it’s funny, and he wants to take me to dinner, not just to bed. I have one question. Why?


I just asked out the most charming man and he giggled. I've watched him all night long, and he is such an oxymoron, adorably fierce and subtly spectacular. I don't know what it is about him that I am drawn to, but I want him. I don't normally do relationships, but I'll give up all the numbers in my little black book to see him again. I just wish he would believe me.

Beautifully Built is a contemporary MM Romance with a plus size twink struggling with self acceptance and the gorgeous ginger bar owner who can finally make him see how beautiful he is. This book includes age gap, some nerdy love, and one monstrous kitten. Join the employees and patrons of Built Bar as they find love for themselves and each other.

My Review:

You never know what you're going to get with a brand new author, especially if you didn't have a chance to read the prequel novella before you dove into the first book of her Built For You series.  If you've ever felt down on yourself and need a refreshing read where someone is built back up, this is definitely the book for you!  This book is well written, has good pace and enough spicy scenes to keep you going...

I love too, that T.H. Compton didn't put Caine on the cover - nope, it's Logan in all his beautiful, amazingness!  

I can't wait to see where the Built for You Series goes next!  And I've downloaded the prequel, Bold Beginnings, to my TBR so that I can make sure I'm completely in the know, but I don't think you need to have read it to enjoy Beautifully Built!