Starstruck by Ollie Lovett 5 Stars

 I almost didn't start this book... I'd glossed over the blurb when I was sent the invitation to review an ARC and since it was a contemporary mm romance I clicked sure... then I saw that it featured a "Bachelor" like program and a MC dating women and cringed... but I knew I had committed to the review and Ollie Lovett is a new author, so I started reading Starstruck...

From the Author:

Falling in love is the whole point of the show. Just… not with a man.

And definitely not with the assistant director.

After losing my career in the NFL, I knew this was my last chance to be a success. Winning on The One meant finding the woman of my dreams and sharing a fortune with her. If I nailed this, I would get everything I ever wanted.

But instead I hooked up with a guy and screwed things up before even getting on set.

Jake is a jerk. He's stubborn, sarcastic, and everything I don't want. If only he wasn’t so damn hot, maybe I could hate him properly. But when I’m around him, all I can think about is his great ass, soft mouth, and all the things I’d let him do to me.

I should focus on these beautiful, perfect women, and not spend all my time thinking about this dark and mysterious and incredibly obnoxious guy. But I'm stuck working with him, and it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the temptation.

I'm trapped with a man I can't resist. Will he turn out to be The One in the end?

My Review:

I started reading and I immediately was drawn into Starstruck!  From the opening chapter to the drunken meet-cute, through the ups and downs of starring in and assistant-directing "The One", Ollie Lovett transported me to Los Angeles and kept me there for most of the story - briefly taking me to Chicago and Paris, but really keeping my attention from start to finish!  This book has heat, a bit of intrigue and amazing supporting characters that really bring the story to life.  I love that there is an obvious pull between the MCs even before they knew each other..  I also appreciated the ebb and flow of the story - just enough mild suspense to keep you going, even though you know it's a romance iwth a HEA... 

Even if you don't normally take a chance on a new author, I highly recommend you take a chance on this first book by Ollie Lovett!