Smoke Signals by B. Harmony

Everything that B. Harmony has written has made it to my re-read someday list, but Smoke Signals may top that list...

The Blurb:


As the new neighbor of the Burning Hills Fire Department, I try to win over the hunky firefighters with my tasty baking skills. Instead, I got the surprise of a lifetime.

I may be obsessed with the happily ever afters between the pages of my favorite books, too bad they never prepared me for what comes after a one-night stand.

Even I’m not dumb enough to fall for someone who calls me “kid”, right?


As Fire Captain of Burning Hills Fire Department, I try to keep my flame from burning too bright.

He was supposed to be a one-night stand, not the new resident of the little blue house on the corner.

He too young, too out, and too risky.

There’s absolutely no way I’m jeopardizing the life I built for myself on some kid.

Smoke Signals is the third and final book in the Perspective Series. A dual POV, age-gap MM romance with out-for-you themes, an avid romance reader, a sexy as sin Fire Captain, and the return of some of your favorite meddlesome characters. Although this book may be read as a standalone, the series is best enjoyed in order.

My Review:

I have been waiting for Dyl Pickles to get his HEA since he was introduced as a BFF and B. Harmony did not disappoint me with his story!  She intertwines his love for baking and M/M Romance with so many other wonderful character features that Dylan soon becomes the guy I want as MY BFF!  Top the book of with a sexy Fire Captain and this book is definitely high on my re-read list!  

I have already read Smoke Signals twice - the ARC I received for my honest review and a spin through again on KU to support the author and verify my purchase!   This book truly can be read standalone, but why would you want to when the other books in the Perspectives series are wonderful as well and you'll get to meet so many amazing characters who make guest appearances in this book too!

Smoke Signals is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription