Perfect Timing By A.D. Ellis 5* (A Small Town Briarton Romance)

One of my favourite locations these days is A.D. Ellis' fictional town of Briarton.  Already featured in the first book, The Perfect Blend, the same great characters make new friends and the love continues in book 2, Perfect Timing.  This book, while set in the same place takes a much different approach to love and combines a kind of insta-love with a slow burn as the characters get to know one another better. "Perfect Timing is a steamy, M/M romance with an introverted, demisexual writer and a big, soft teddy bear of a nurse trying to navigate a love they’ve always dreamed of but most definitely weren’t expecting.:


Both men had pretty much given up on finding their forever, but fate was just waiting for the right time.
Charlie moves to small-town Briarton with plans to live his quiet life as a writer. He’s resigned himself to being alone and isn’t expecting anything different from his new home. But a coffee mix-up brings him face-to-face with a man Charlie had decided didn’t really exist.
Nixon is grateful for a new job in a new town. He’s ready to leave the past in the past and settle down. He’s not actively looking for a relationship—that’s never worked out for him before—but he can’t deny the instant connection he has with his newest patient’s nephew.
Is it too late for Charlie and Nix to find their happily ever after? Or will they accept fate’s gift and allow themselves a love they thought they’d never find?

My Review:

Once again, A.D. Ellis finds a way to make me fall in love with her characters!  Charlie, in particular, is such a sweet and shy young man with a great sense of humour and Nix is a little more outgoing but still a little battered and ready for a sweet, romantic relationship.  Now that doesn't mean that the book is without heat - once they get together, the bedroom gets steamy!  It's the perfect blend of sweet and steamy with just enough angst to make you want to fight for the guys and their HEA...  Definitely a great summer read!