Lake Steamy by R. Cayden

Not every summer romance needs to turn into a HEA, especially when you are keeping things casual, but you never know what will happen in a summer. Cubby and Chase together add a whole new dimension to the "Lake Steamy" location.

From the author:

I absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, fall in love with a hunky, straight lumberjack.

Even if he does save me from a bear.

Sure, Chase is the perfect small-town combo of sexy and shy, and he doesn’t seem to mind my shameless flirting.
But I’m just visiting Lake Steamy for the summer. I don’t have time to swoon over men or any other distractions.
I’m here to launch my vlog, a sex-positive, body-positive, and very personal video series, and my new career requires all my focus.

I can’t imagine a reserved mountain man like Chase would be into a guy who overshares for a living, anyway.
Plus, I’ll be moving back to the city soon, and he fully intends to spend the rest of his life in these mountains, caring for his family and friends.
Not to mention the pesky little fact that he’s straight.

Basically, Chase is my total opposite, and a bad idea too.
A rugged, sexy, bad idea with a surprisingly gentle smile.
A bad idea with the light of the campfire flickering across his beard and a look in his brown eyes like he’s about to kiss me…

My review:
R. Cayden is known for writing sweet, steamy, low angst MM romances and once again, they have delivered!  This book is a straight up awakening meets irresistible butt story, set in a small town the Adirondack mountains.  If you are looking for serious discussions and desperate soul searching, this book isn't for you, but if, like me you'd like to escape to Lake Steamy for a few hours than this is your book.  Perfect for a little summer escapism!
"Lake Steamy is a small-town M/M romance with a flirty city boy and an earnest mountain man who finds his world turned upside down. It features a pink paddleboat, s’more-play, and lots of steamy discovery on the way to a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!"