Drumbeat of His Heart by M.C. Roth

Reading a book from a new author can sometimes be tricky - but in this case, M.C. Roth has started out strong in her first M/M offering, The Drumbeat of His Heart.  With some great characters and an interesting meet cute that wasn't so cute, the story has good rhythm and flow with just enough angst and character dating stupidity to keep you in the story,

From the Blurb:

A brush with death delivers Ian into Trent’s life, but there’s more to Ian than he shares—a hidden life, a hidden career and secrets that may tear them apart.

When Trent is almost hit by a swerving Corvette, he has no idea that the driver will change his life forever.

Freezing cold and soaked, Trent pulls the strikingly attractive Ian from the wreckage. Ian is everything Trent has been looking for in a man—beautiful, sexy—and he needs a place to stay for the weekend.

Trent is out and proud, and he prays he can keep his hands to himself with the gorgeous man under his roof. But Ian is the one who follows Trent into the shower, shows him things that Trent never imagined and takes the final thread of Trent’s virginity.

After a weekend of passion, Trent finds himself falling for Ian, even though they live a country apart. But there is more to Ian than what he says. A hidden life, a hidden career and more lies than Trent can imagine.

Ian’s secrets may tear their hearts to pieces—or transform their desires into something more.

My Review:
The Drumbeat of his Heart was well written and had a good flow - the story started with a bang and strong heat!  This story is told entirely by Trent's POV and for me, I find that I was missing something of what Ian was thinking and his internal monologue would have made this a much stronger story for me.  That being said, I loved the snarky side characters of Trent's mom and bestie.  Once again, Ian's interaction with his friends and bandmate would have added something here.  

I will definitely be interested in reading more from M.C. Roth in the future!