Charles by Con Riley (Learning to Love book 1) 5 Stars

I absolutely loved getting to know Hugo and Charles! This is the definition of a grumpy(emotionally lost)/sunshine match up and watching both Charles and Hugo grow through the book is wonderful!

From the Author:

Opposites attract in this low-angst romance filled with British snark and humour.

Life should be a breeze for a playboy like Charles Heppel. As the third son of an earl, he lives for the moment, partying and playing. Settling down isn’t for him. Not when London is full of beautiful men who he hasn’t one-and-done yet.

To escape his family’s nagging, Charles applies for a temp job that matches his playful skill set. A role in a Co Irnish classroom could be his until the summer, if Charles meets two conditions: he must move in with the headmaster’s best friend, and teach him to be happy.

Living with Hugo should be awkward. Charles is a free spirit, but Hugo’s a man of faith, with morals. A man who almost took holy orders before disaster changed his direction. Only far from being a chore, Charles finds that making Hugo happy soon becomes his passion.

Together, they share physical and emotional first times. Ones that change Charles, touching his soul. He wants Hugo for longer than they have left, but learning to love with his heart, not just his body, will take a leap of faith from Charles — in himself as well as Hugo.

My Review:

This long and winding tale still wasn't long enough! I absolutely loved how Charles sees the world and how his sunny disposition changes, not only Hugo, but touches the children and other people he interacts with! With strong hurt/comfort and healing undertones, the book leads to finding joy and happiness as well as themes of growth and strength. This is the first book in the Glynn Harber series that focuses on a wonderful private school in the wilds of Cornwall! I am so looking forward to the second book, Sol! You can also meet Charles as he stole the show as a side character in His Haven