Finding His Home by K.D. Ryan

You think you're happy with the HFN that ends Finding His Boy (Safe Harbor #1) until you start reading the second part of Elliot and Grant's story in Finding His Home... it's so amazing! You definitely need to have read the first book in the duology to understand where they are as individuals and a couple!

From the Author:

Finding His Home (Safe Harbor #2)
Grant finally found his boy, and Elliot finally had his Daddy—age gap be damned.
Everything is perfect, until Elliot is faced with some big decisions—decisions that only he can make.
Are Grant and Elliot just playing house, or are they finding their home?
Since meeting Grant, everything had been a whirlwind for Elliot. But now, they’re together. They’re happy. And the chemistry is explosive—it was more than enough for both of them.

Sure, they were both juggling busy work schedules—Grant was wrapped up in finals at the University, and Elliot was consumed with ballet. But they were making it work, still making time for each other and exploring their new dynamic.

Then suddenly Elliot’s ballet career takes an unexpected turn that reveals the fragility of their new relationship. Add in a startling revelation about Elliot’s dire financial situation, and everything Elliot thought he knew about himself and where he belonged is turned upside down.

As far as Grant is concerned, everything comes down to what is best for his boy—but how much is Grant willing to sacrifice for Elliot’s happiness? He wants to give Elliot everything—but he knows that isn’t always the right answer. Is he starting to build a life with Elliot just to have everything ripped away once again?

Finding His Home is the second book in the Finding Duet taking place in the Safe Harbor universe and should be read in order. This book is an 80+K word slow burn, steamy romance that features a Daddy/boy relationship between two consenting adult men, and is intended for a mature audience. No age play. Dual POV.

TW: Mention of sexual assault, mention of drug use/overdose.

My Review:

The writing is beautiful as it delves deeper into the characters minds and helps us see more emotion and depth from them and their budding relationship - falling hard and fast doesn't mean smooth sailing and both characters must face their pasts and their insecurities...and don't worry, just because the characters grow and learn doesn't mean it isn't steamy - a couple of scenes almost set my kindle on fire...

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