Throwback Thursday: Desired Quarry by A. Williams

This #ThrowbackThursday, enjoy this second chance mystery/crime thriller from author A. Williams.  Desired Quarry features a load of great tropes, and of course comes with an HEA.  If like me you enjoy a good crime mystery, then this is for you.  Enjoy the excerpt!

From the blurb:

♥️Second Chance   
♥️Mystery/Crime Thriller
♥️Slow Burn
♥️HEA Ending   

Alex is framed by his ex-best friend Lou, fired for illegal drug use, dumped by his girlfriend, and mugged all in the same day.

When an editor takes a chance and gives him a new job as a crime reporter he is thrilled. Dell, his counterpart at the rival newspaper, isn't.

Everything is going great for Alex until he receives death threats. The suspects are Dell, Lou, and Domino, the hit man.

Alex leaves the city, assumes a fake identity, and gets a new job in a small town. Lou ends up at the same place and they start to rebuild their friendship.

Alex thinks he is safe until he is kidnapped by Domino at a costume party.

Trigger warnings:
❗Death threats
❗Murder crime scenes
❗Off page suicide attempt


When my eyes opened I saw a pair of shiny black shoes. My head and arms were dangling off the bed and for one awful moment I thought I might fall. I carefully crawled backward. What a lumpy mattress. Suddenly a pair of eyes opened under me. I gazed into them. Such a lovely color, deep gray. One just doesn't often see eyes that color. They blinked.

"Please get off me."

"Sorry, Lou." I sat up, still looking into his eyes. "Does your head hurt?"

"You bet it does. I've got one of the worst hangovers ever."

"I think I'll go to my room," I decided.

"We're in your room."

"Oh, yeah."

Someone cleared their throat. It wasn't Lou. It wasn't me. Lou sat up quickly and we both turned in the direction of the noise.

Carl stood beside the bed, an amused expression on his face. I realized then that it was his shoes I'd seen while hanging off the bed.
"Lex Lake, huh?"

I remembered that although I'd told him where I was staying, I'd forgotten to tell him my new name.

"You must be Louis Rice," he said to Lou.

Lou looked at him with a cold expression. "And who are you?"

"Captain Carl Henderson from the Tantala Police Department."

Desired Quarry is available as an e-book in wide release.