Teaser Tuesday: No Shame (Redemption's End Book 2) by Bianca Sommerland

 For our first #TeaserTuesday today, we welcome Bianca Sommerland and the second in the Redemption's End series - No Shame.  We have a hot, hot, hot excerpt to share with you, so have a read and enjoy the heat 🔥

From the blurb:

Wanna keep what’s yours?

You gotta be a little shameless.   

As a child, Gunner McKinny was given a choice. Rule in Hell or serve in the human realm and protect his little brother. He doesn’t regret the vows he made, but it’ll be a cold day in hell—literally—before anyone controls him like that again. Aside from his brother, he trusts no one. Most are terrified of him anyway.

Just how he likes it.

Vero Cap grew up rejected by his own kind, but he has zero use for the damn fae. His ability to disrupt technology was invaluable to the anarchists who raised him. He owes them everything for keeping him alive—except that loyalty didn’t go both ways. When a mission goes wrong, he’s left behind.

At the mercy of the High Guard, whose sole purpose is to defend this realm from creatures like him.

One horrific mistake leaves Vero facing lethal consequences, but he’s spared by the demon who’s become his jailer, and an uppity seelie, Jae, who hides his softness behind a gilded mask. Vero isn’t into the whole military vibe of the Guard until he fights with them and falls in love. Now he has a reason to stay.

But none of them can escape their pasts, and when Jae ends up tangled in the web of the Golden Court, Gunner and Vero will stop at nothing to free him.

Even if it means making a deal…with their very own nightmare.


Loving someone was a lot different than believing that love was returned. He still didn’t know for sure if Gunner did, the words hadn’t been spoken. He didn’t know why Gunner would, Jae had absolutely nothing to offer.

Wrapped up in those strong arms, surrounded by hellfire-veined tentacles, erased all doubt. Gunner didn’t need to say anything. His demon made him feel it, deep down in his core.

The reasons…didn’t really matter.

Except for the fact those feelings impacted Gunner more than Jae’d thought possible. He’d already seen that demons could get hurt, but he refused to be the cause of Gunner’s pain again. As much as he struggled to find any value in his own life beyond a currency for others, his demon cared what happened to him.

Which gave him something to fight for.

The slithering of the vines created a wet, rasping sound, as though more and more gathered in an attempt to crush him and Gunner. Worse, the air became harder to breathe. Too thin, straining his lungs with each inhale until a tentacle burned through a clump overhead, letting in a burst of moist air with a hint of smoky ash. Even if Lyric managed to regain control of his plants—he must’ve heard Gunner’s shout—he’d never make it before the things managed to kill Jae.

Not that Gunner would let that happen, but if he unleashed his powers, he could turn this place into a death trap for everyone inside. They might not be so lucky the next time they faced the basilisks—not all of them would survive—and there were even more dangerous things eager to cross over. A badly timed fissure could invite a demon, and as strong as his own was, an ancient one could kill Gunner with a snap of their fingers.

Face pressed to Gunner’s bare chest, thick muscles like a stone wall erected around him, Jae brought his hand to his cheek, encouraging the blood to flow. He spoke in a rush when Gunner tensed. “You can’t draw enough unnatural power without risking fissures, but you can tap into natural magic through me. Like Lyric did.”

“I’m not a pixie, snowflower.” Gunner bent down to lick his cheek, his appreciative hum quickening Jae’s pulse and sending a surge of lust down low. “Blood and sex are a fae’s secret sauce. What if you tap into my powers instead?”

Jae’s lips parted. “I’m not strong enough—”

“You’re mine, of course you are.” Gunner made it sound so matter-of-fact, his cockiest smile in his tone as he eased back, tentacles shielding them from the grasping vines. “Besides, these things might survive a little frostbite and Lyric won’t be sad that we killed his babies. Unless I don’t have a choice. With how strong they are, they might be draining him and I’ll just have to toss the babies in the bonfire.”

“How is it possible you can be both thoughtful and ruthless all at once?”

Gunner winked at him, lifting his hand to his mouth and biting down with his sharp fangs. With blood spilling over his lava-like skin, he looked every inch the most terrifying demon imaginable. “It’s a specialty of mine. Here, have a sip. I’m delicious.”

I absolutely should not find that so…damn…sexy.

Accepting Gunner’s cupped hand, Jae sipped the coppery liquid, forcing himself not to think too hard about gulping down his demon’s blood like the sweetest liquor. Hot enough to burn his tongue at first, drinking deep brought the flavor of strong honey spiced whiskey, only thick as syrup. And intoxicating, but his mind became clearer with every sip, dark magic flowing through his blood to mingle with his own.

While not wrong about some fae using both sex and blood to access more natural magic than they could otherwise, only unseelie ever touched the latter. Among the Golden Court, one common conspiracy theory was that vampires came from a match gone wrong between the Dark Court and demons. Seelie believed only the high born came by powerful magic without ‘cheating’ and anyone who practiced blood magic was shunned.

Sex magic was tolerated, but just barely. A fae family could find its entire household socially outcast if it was rumored any member participated in ritualistic orgies to elevate their standing, or for spells deemed unnecessary.

Jae would become Courtless if word got out about half the things he’d done since becoming a draftee.

The idea didn’t frighten him as much as it had only yesterday.

Licking his lips, he gazed up at Gunner, reaching out to brush his fingers over the closest vines. The smooth green tendrils writhed and pulsed under his fingertips, moisture gathering and solidifying, frost spreading along with a thick layer of ice. It cracked as the vine attempted to draw away, but he sent out stronger slivers of magic until it froze all the way through.

“More.” Jae shook his head when Gunner offered his hand again, rising up on his tiptoes to cover Gunner’s blood slicked lips with his own. He groaned and nodded as Gunner brought a tentacle down to defly remove his boots and lower his jogging pants, lifting him up with another so he could wrap his legs around Gunner’s waist. “Fuck… Gunner…”

“I’ve got you.” Gunner’s tongue glided over his, his groan vibrating everywhere their bodies touched. “Mmm, you’re so pretty all messy, my wicked little snowflower. And using that naughty word. Say it again.”

A flush went over Jae, like it always did when he swore because that language had been considered worse than many other crimes growing up. His mother wouldn’t scold him or his siblings, she’d treat them like they were lesser, beneath her notice until she believed the message was received.

But when Gunner’s teeth skimmed down his throat, teasing the sensitive skin there with his sharp fangs, her judgment was the last thing on his mind. A sharp bite drew another gasp. “Fuck! Just fucking take me, demon.”

His evil demon chuckled and nipped his earlobe. “I will. And I’m not letting you go again.”

The power, the blood, dashed all Jae’s inhibitions as he gripped vines in both hands while Gunner used a slick tentacle to prepare him. Lifting himself up on the stiff stalks of ice, he threw his head back when his demon positioned his thick length, one arm around his waist guiding him down until he stretched over on the head of his demon’s dick.

Deeper…so much deeper, Gunner took him all the way, filling him with a hard thrust, his hot breath against Jae’s lips contrasting with the cold spreading all around them. Every time he lifted himself with the frozen vines, Gunner dragged him back down, meeting him halfway so the impact slammed into him.

More power than he’d ever touched poured into him, but he hardly noticed it, letting it fulfill its purpose while his demon parted his thighs further and angled his hips, his pace rough and relentless. Each penetration almost punishing, like Gunner reminded him who he belonged to. And wanted to make sure, this time, he didn’t forget.

For this kind of reality melting pleasure, Jae would take his punishment without complaint, as often as his demon wanted to give it to him. His hands slipped on the ice when Gunner bit down on his shoulder, right through his hoodie, gliding over his prostate as his fangs broke skin, the sensation bursting through his core turning pain into the most decadent bliss.

Catching him, Gunner sucked lightly on his shoulder, then brushed his blood slicked lips along his throat. “If I didn’t love you so much, I’d fucking eat you alive.”

Gasp muffled against his forearm, Jae waited for Gunner to correct himself, but his demon continued to devour him, as though he hadn’t rocked Jae’s whole world by saying what they’d both probably have avoided for many more months. Feeling it was one thing, he really didn’t need to hear the word, but since he had, he couldn’t help lock it away in his thawing heart for keeps.

Even if that precious word was just said in the heat of the moment…

It’s more than enough.

Lengthening his thrusts, one hand between Jae’s shoulder blades and tentacles holding him bowed back, his demon spread him out, restraining his wrists so he could do nothing but accept the pounding that cleared all thoughts from his head. His hoodie split under the fiery touch of a tentacle, the fabric falling away to expose every inch of him. Almost as though Gunner served himself up his favorite kind of sacrifice, bending down to bite Jae’s chest, right above his left nipple, while his tentacles teased both nubs, another circling his dick and his balls.

And the last…

Jae whimpered, the sensation of the slick tip of the tentacle pressing against his stretched hole making him jerk away and press back. Almost too much…too fucking much, but also…

“Please…” He writhed in Gunner’s hold, desperately begging for…something. For everything. “Gods, I can’t…I can’t…”

“You can.” Gunner kissed the bloody teeth marks he’d left on Jae’s chest, his bright green eyes reflecting the red glow of his skin as he rocked his hips at a slower pace. The tip of the tentacle sank in a little more with every motion, his gaze locking with Jae’s like he didn’t want to miss a second of him coming undone. “And when you’re with me, you will. Every time, my little snowflower. If you need to hide behind a wall of ice from the rest of the world, I won’t stop you. But if you try to put it between us again, I will make it shatter.”

Pressure against his prostate made him cry out, shattering like it was his entire core Gunner had promised to wreck, rather than the nonexistent wall. Pooling inside him, bursting in a thousand tiny flames along his nerves, the pleasure ignited until he glowed inside and out, just as hot as his demon. Lingering power shimmered on his skin in silver threads, snowflakes dancing in the space where all the vines that weren’t frozen had retreated.

Gathering him to his chest, Gunner groaned and slammed in one last time, whispering soft nonsense in Jae’s ear as his oversensitive body tensed, the last of his strength leaving him with the effort to remain somewhat solid. When his demon withdrew, the emptiness pulled a very undignified sound from Jae’s throat.

Not exactly a whine, but close enough.

“You’ve successfully ruined me, demon.” Jae smiled a little at Gunner’s very satisfied smirk. “How am I ever to show my face in front of the Golden Court again?”

Gunner kissed Jae’s lips, then his cheeks, lowering him to the edge of an empty wood ledge before bracing his hands on either side of him. “I mean, you might want to clean the blood off first—”

“You are perfectly aware that is not what I mean.”

“True. Should I pretend to give a fuck?” Gunner’s brow furrowed slightly. “I will if it’ll make you feel better. Abandoning everything you know isn’t easy—believe me, I’ve been there. But I can’t just stand by anymore and watch you throw your life away. Watch you stepped on by those fucking royals. Not now that I know why you were with Icarus in the first place.”

Bringing his hand to his demon’s cheek, Jae shook his head. “No, I don’t want you to pretend. Seelie…fae in general were once incapable of lying, but after generations of warping the truth until it became unrecognizable, until every word was nothing but sugar-coated poison, those restrictions faded. Along with much of our purest magic. I clung to the stories of who my people were, what my duty was, even when I struggled to believe it. Now I’m part of something I do believe in, but I thought…”

“That you’d have to give it up.” Gunner sighed, stroking Jae’s hair away from where it stuck to the sweat on his brow. “I should’ve figured something was up. But now that we’re being all honest with each other, that shit’ll never happen again. You’re right, I probably ruined you as far as the prissy fuckers are concerned. They’ll be able to smell the demon stink on you a mile away.” He picked up Jae’s jogging pants from where they’d gotten trampled in the dirt and helped him slide them on. “I’m not sorry.”

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