Spotlight Saturday: Outside the Lines by A.G. Meiers


Our first #SpotlightSaturday this week is from AG Meiers.  Outside The Lines is Book 3 in the Jake's Bar series, and this excerpt really sets the scene for this romantic suspense story.  Outside the Lines is out now, so enjoy the excerpt, which is more than enough to whet the appetite for the whole story. 

From the blurb:

Forever needs more than Love at First Sight.   

Damon Stryker spent years trying to outrun guilt and regrets. Now, he has stumbled into danger and is forced to face his past. But once he’s settled the score, he’ll be back on the road. Getting tangled up with a sassy, reckless bartender? Not part of his plan.

Sheldon Baker is on a mission to find true love, but fairy tale romance continues to escape him. No more! Any man, who isn’t looking for happily-ever-after, isn’t worth Sheldon’s time. Getting tangled up with a troubled, morally gray biker? Not part of his plan.

A dangerous murder investigation proves that Sheldon and Damon have more in common than they thought. Together they might be able to protect everyone they hold dear, but can Damon be trusted, or will Sheldon crash and burn again?

But none of that matters if they become the killer’s next victims…

Outside the Lines, Book 3 in the award-winning Jake’s Bar series, is a spicy, M/M romantic suspense featuring a rainbow-colored bar full of quirky characters, and all the romance you can handle. So, download today, and get ready to fall in love with Jake’s Bar.


The wind rattled the windows of JD’s Bar, and rain pounded against the glass, drowning out the shocked silence in the taproom. Sheldon stared at the injured stranger.

This was so wrong. It was Sunday. Nothing ever happened on a Sunday.

“Damon, as in Damon Stryker, your ex?” Con asked while Jazz said, “The guy who ripped you off ten years ago? Stole your money and ran?”

Jake never talked about Damon Stryker. A dusty, framed picture of the bar’s opening day was the only record that he’d once had a business partner.

But there were rumors… just enough to figure out that they’d been more than childhood friends opening a bar together. And, of course, that Stryker had run off with JD’s start-up money.

Sheldon would never admit it, but Damon Stryker was one of his favorite real-life mysteries because, in general, life needed more mysteries, and this one was delish. Damon had left for a pack of cigarettes one night and had never been seen again…

And now he’d just stumbled back into Jake’s bar?

“He’s gotta have a death wish, showing his face here.” Jazz’s voice was grim.

Outside The Lines is currently available as an Ebook