Rowan & Aldred (Ambrosia T.2) by Lucie Fleury

What is the price of correcting a wrong? Rowan the bully gets to find out in Rowan & Aldred.

From the blurb:

Rowan is a bully. Always has been, always will be. After all, what better way to prevent people from hurting you, than hurting them first? But this time, he’s gone too far. The God of Justice has heard about his crimes, and now he must suffer the consequences…

Aldred, God of Justice and Retribution, is all too willing to take Rowan into his dungeon to deliver the sentence he rightly deserves. After all, punishing humans is his favorite pastime—he’ll take great pleasure in the careless, sadistic fun that Rowan’s incarceration offers him.

What he doesn’t expect is finding more. Because there’s something underneath Rowan’s spitefulness. Something he wants to find, care for and protect. However, if he acts on his urges, his ward will become permanently addicted to the ambrosia his body produces, altering Rowan’s life forever.

Set in a medieval fantasy world full of magic, conniving divinities and a newborn god gone rogue, follow the redemption story of one broken boy who gets his second chance at life, and a god who discovers his softer side.

Can be read as a standalone.

Content warning: explicit sex scenes, torture (flogging, drowning, humiliation), mention of past-abuse, sexual assault.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the first story I’ve read by this author and I usually don’t read fantasy but something about the blurb drew my attention and I’m glad it did.

This is an interesting story about Rowan who is a bully that finally pushes the boundaries of unforgiveness. He has to finally pay for his actions.

Aldred, the God of Justice and Retribution, will punish him for his transgressions. But along the way Aldred sees something in Rowan. A sort of relationship develops between the two and Rowan shows who he really is.

I enjoyed learning of Rowan’s powers. I liked the way Aldred resolved the issue with Rowan’s father. I really enjoyed the flow to the story. It moved through the story at a pace that held my attention. The story played out so well I found a fantasy I really enjoyed.

Rowan & Aldred is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription