Veiled by Nicole Dykes (website exclusive)

I've been eagerly awaiting Waylon's book ever since I read Immoral. He immediately captured my attention and seemed like a character with an extremely interesting story to tell. When one of the artist's he represents decides to quit and disappear Waylon feels responsible for him.

From the blurb:


I’m a music manager. I’ve taken the smallest artists and made them soar into superstardom. I’m good at what I do, and I never fail.
Except with him. I let him down, and that doesn’t sit right with me.
No. I’ll track Justin St. James down and find a way to make him happy and settled.
No matter what it takes.


I’m so tired of being Justin St. James. Of people invading my space and acting like they own me. Like I owe them for my fame.
It’s all about the music for me. I love it. But the fame . . . I could do without.
So I see my chance, and I take it. Only maybe I didn’t realize just how much Waylon, my manager, did for me. How inexperienced and naive I am.
He thinks I can have it all—that he can find a way for me to be happy. But I’m not so certain that can happen.
I want the music, but I still crave that beautiful veil of privacy.
Is it even possible to have it all?

Reed Kaye's review:

This is a refreshing story about a music manager and the musician.

Justin appears to be a burned out song writer/singer. He always wanted a career focused on music and being a little less about the crazy fans and marketing. He has followed everything to be a star and has been extremely successful but is now ready to change direction.

Waylon, Justin’s manager, is unable to let Justin try to have a career that he knows nothing about setting up. He is worried that Justin is just burned out and will recover but when Justin disappears Waylon doesn’t know how to handle it.

This is a great story about two guys who have an attraction to each other but know they can’t do anything about it while in a professional relationship. Then something changes and each has to decide what future they want to pursue.

I really enjoyed this story. The flow was consistent. The characters are both likable. The emotional and possible reality of this story kept me page turning.

Zakiyya's review:

In such a short time, the author has managed to capture their insecurities and navigate the journey to their new relationship really well.

I really liked how persistent Waylon was in trying to help Justin make his dreams come true.

These two were really cute together. I liked their chemistry and I liked how their story unfolded.
They were the kind of couple that really make you want to root for then.
Perfect as a filler between heavy books cos it's short and easy to read.

Heather's Review:

Eagerly anticipated and so worth waiting for, Veiled is the story I've been waiting for since reading Immoral ..  I love that wherever Justin runs, Waylon is willing to follow - whether it's into the woods or completely upending his life... Justin is just done with everything he's known for the past several years, and Waylon is willing to put his own life on hold to help him... and maybe finally give into the desperate need to take care of Justin in a less than platonic way...These two characters have always had chemistry and it was so nice to see that they didn't rush everything in terms of defining their new relationship.  

As with all Nicole Dykes stories you get more than just surface lust and chemistry - you get to see deep into each character's psyche and watch them figure out how to be the partner the other man needs.

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