The Rookie vs The Ace (On The Track Book 4) by Nicole Dykes

Brayden doesn't want to mentor the new rookie racer, let alone pretend to have a friendly bromance for the media. Carson wouldn't mind getting closer to Brayden, but what would be the point of starting something when they would have to keep it hidden?

From The Rookie vs The Ace blurb:

I’m the Rookie. That’s how they want to label me. The new guy.
But I’m damn good at what I do. I don’t have anything to prove.
Except maybe to him.
I’ve watched his career for years. So yeah, maybe I want to impress him a tiny bit. But I also can’t help riling him up and ruffling his feathers.
He wants me to do things his way, but I don’t work like that.
I may be the Rookie, but I’m about to school the Ace.
I’m the Ace. I know what I’m doing, and I can’t stand arrogant newbies who come in, thinking they know it all.
I’ve always hated that. But I’ve never despised anyone more than Carson Hayes when he saunters in like he owns the place.
The kid is good, I’ll give him that. But he has a lot to learn.
I’m the Ace around here, the one everyone goes to when they finally realize they don’t know it all. And the Rookie is about to learn why.

SNik's review:

Fourth in series (On the Track), but can be read as a standalone. Quick read. Age gap. Dual POV.

Brayden is at the top of his career and he certainly doesn’t want to babysit the hot new rookie the racing team has signed. Carson doesn’t mind riling up Brayden, the man is gorgeous, but when the team owner wants them to become BFF’s Carson can’t help but shoot his shot. Of course the attraction and chemistry is off the charts, but Brayden and Carson’s relationship grows over time beyond just casual even if they have to keep it on the down low.

Their lack of communication aside, Brayden’s protectiveness and commitment to Carson and willingness to prioritize Carson’s career is sweet, and Carson does appreciate Brayden’s caring and he does have the maturity to meet Brayden equally in the relationship. A really fun read, this whole series has been entertaining and gives enough steamy and swoony HEA’s to make a reader happy.

Nedra's review:

It’s always fun when there’s a rookie involved, especially when they’re as cocky as Carson. Very amusing start with him wrecking his car right from the start, have to love the arrogance. Brayden was absolutely brilliant in how he handled everything, too. His confidence showed bright throughout, while Carson’s arrogance starts to dwindle as time passes. They make a great team by the end, both on the track and off.

I don’t really want to be repetitive in discussing these two characters chemistry because it was quite obvious they were compatible from their first meeting. What I do want to acknowledge is it’s about time Cash and Leslie started their own team! What’s going to be interesting to see is how Nicole is able to slowly get everyone on the same page and witness their team blow everything else out the water! What’s the name of this team??

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"He's standing before me, naked and beautiful.
So very mine.
Except He's not."

This was such a fun age-gap sports romance! I'm really enjoying this racing series by Nicole Dykes and The Rookie Vs The Ace was no exception! Carson was such a fun MC. He's young and enjoying the ride his life is taking him on. He's finally made it to the big leagues in racing and he's got the cockiness to go with it.

On the other hand we have Brayden. He's the ace. A legend on the track. And he has no time for egotistical rookies who take too many risks. But it seems what Brayden wants doesn't matter because his PR team want him front and center showing the rookie the ropes. To say Brayden is not looking forward to "faking" his way through a friendship with Carson is an understatement. But it's part of the job and Brayden always does what's expected of him when it comes to his work.

I loved how Carson slowly made his way through Brayden's armor. He was so charming and upbeat. He was impossible not to like. An excitable puppy is how I would describe him. Watching Brayden open up to Carson bit by bit was so amazing. I really felt they suited one another. Brayden kept Carson grounded, while Carson reminded Brayden that life could still be fun. Though there was a touch of angst for the couple to endure at the end, I think it made them stronger for it. Either way, I'm positive it turned out for the better!

Heather's Review:

Age gap, rivals, teammates, closeted, 'bromance' - so much going on, so many layers and such great characters!  I love how Carter chips away at the armour that Brayden wears as a shield.  Carter is so sweet, charming and determined!  Brayden's history and worldliness are no match for Carter and I love that when he surrenders, he really goes all in!

I also love some of the world pivots that take place in this story... and how the racing community changes too.

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