The Boy Who Was Kissed by T.J. Baer

A beautiful YA mm romance of found family and second chances. The Boy Who Was Kissed is a breath of fresh air in the mm world for those looking for a more innocent read.

From the blurb:   

Sixteen-year-old Jasper Sinclair has one major regret. When his best friend Felix Morales kissed him in fifth grade, Jasper pushed him away and let Felix drift out of his life. Now, six years later, Jasper finally has the chance to make things right. But the sweet, dorky kid he remembers is now one of the sports gods of the school, with a girlfriend on his arm and a crowd of friends whose chief hobbies are soccer and homophobia.

Reaching the boy he once knew won’t be easy, but with the help of the nicest guy he's ever met, Jasper hatches a plan to remind Felix of everything they used to share. When Operation Felix goes a little too well, Jasper is faced with a choice—embrace the lost love he’s been pining for all these years, or explore the new love that’s been growing right under his nose.

Molly Otto's Review:

A breath of fresh air for a YA LBGTQA story. These two, along with their friends, have a journey that will impact all of us who have the pleasure of giving it a chance. The story shows how a mistake impacts all lives around, and the journey to forgiveness has even more of an impact. Words can not say how I enjoyed how this was written to show a beautiful heartfelt coming of age story in this genre vs more angst filled as others tend to run. If looking for a book without steam in adult geared books but with all the emotions, this book is worth a try.

The Boy Who Was Kissed is currently available as an e-book and paperback in wide release.