The Amethyst Dragon's Mythical Mate (A Nesting Ever After Novel) by Toby Wise

Book three of the Nesring Ever After series were separated at birth triplet dragons find each other and their fated mates along the way. The Amethyst Dragon's Mythical Mate is a fluffy no angst fated mates story.

From the blurb:

Who knew a loose tire would lead to love?

Growing up with my adopted moms, I never dreamed of leaving home. I had everything I thought I needed until my 25th birthday and I shifted for the very first time. Once my dragon is awakened, he realizes we’re not as alone as we thought, sensing two brothers out in the world, waiting to be reunited.

On my way to find my brothers, I’m forced to make a pit stop in a small town. While there, I find Vinnie. Not only is he my true mate but he understands what it’s like to keep a part of himself a secret… a secret that might just change everything.

The Amethyst Dragon's Mythical Mate is the third book in the sweet with knotty heat mpreg shifter shared world Nesting Ever After featuring a dragon realizing he’s not so alone in the world, a road trip that leads to a phoenix who’s ready for love, reuniting with long lost brothers, meggs, nesting, true love, fated mates, and and some adorable babies. The Nesting Ever After Trilogy is a shared world brought to you by Jena Wade, Toby Wise, and Lorelei M Hart. Each book tells the story of love, found family and how the bonds of your clutch mates and brothers can never be broken. If you love your dragons smexy, your love powerful, and your mpreg with heart, download all three today!

Molly Otto's review:

If you are looking for a fun fluffy read, this is the story for you. Toby has a way of just writing happy stories of fated mates, finding one another, and being able to find and build a family. Tatum was adopted as an egg, and once he turns 25, it's his time to go out into the world and find his place. A car mistep leads him to a small town, and Vinnie, where he immediately finds his place.

This is book three of the Nesting Ever After series of set of triplet dragons finding their fated mates. Now that I have read, Toby's will go back to see how the other two books of this trilogy are to see if just as fun.

Angel's review:

One thing that you can always expect from Toby is fluffy goodness! Toby's books are full of sweetness and tons of amazing found family moments. This book I thought was good, the writing was great, the characters themselves I found to be quite interesting and unique! I liked that Tatum was one of the last few dragons out there, and how Bonnie was Phoenix, them both being a rare shifter species gave them something to bond over.

I adored Tatum's moms, they were adorable and hilarious! The way this book starts gives off the impression that it's going to be about Tatum going on this adventure to find his brothers. That isn't what we get though, the majority of this story is just about Tatum and Vinne. While I did still enjoy this story, I was expecting there to be more of a focus on Tatum finding his brothers, and that just wasn't there. They did eventually meet but it was glossed over and rushed through.

Other than that, I still found the story to be enjoyable! I loved the descriptions of the baby dragon and baby Phoenix hatching out of their shells, that scene was adorable! Overall another great book by Toby!

The Amethyst Dragon's Mythical Mate is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription