Spotlight Saturday: Enter the Multi-Vers (Villainous Things Book 4) by C. Rochelle

For our return to Spotlight Saturday, we welcome C. Rochelle and the Villainous Things series. Enter the Multi-Vers is Book 4 in a hugely fun series. Check out the excerpt below, and see for yourself!

From the blurb:


Theo Coatl was supposed to be just a job.

On paper, my twin and I are recent grads moving into the eccentric artist’s mansion for a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity.   

In reality, Dre and I are spies for our clan—a pair of supes known as Shock and Awe who could melt our enemy’s brain as easily as we could extract the intel we were after.

Whatever works.

But our mark isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and Theo’s proximity is… doing things to me. This man could fulfill every dark desire I’ve buried beneath the surface. Things even my twin doesn’t know I crave.

Too bad exploring my fantasies isn’t part of the plan.


Gabe and I may have been sent to this hideous McMansion on a mission, but the instant Theo Coatl sashayed into view, our plans changed.

At least, mine did.

Wolfy’s original instructions were clear—get in Theo’s head, get the intel, and get out. But I took our eldest brother’s words as more of a suggestion than anything.

And my idea is better.

Because I see the way Theo looks at my twin—like he wants to eat him alive. Never mind that the man is a potentially deadly being of unknown origins, or that I want to discipline him so badly I can taste it.

Gabe is the bait.

Theo is our prey.

And if I get to play with the brat before we end him, well, what could be the harm in that?


It had been so long since I’d enjoyed a proper hunt, I was nearly giddy with excitement.

And what delightful prey I’ve found!

The twins are perfect. Broody angel Gabriel is pretending to resist my advances, while practically begging me to take what I want. And Andre is playing his cards close with absolute control—which only encourages me to defy him more.

As there’s nothing I love more than misbehaving.

I do have an agenda here on earth, however—one my interns can legitimately assist me with.

So, while I can’t wait to make a pretty pair of puppets out of these unsuspecting humans, I’ve decided to at least try to lure them in slowly. Really savor the experience.

Since it will be the death of them in the end.


đŸŠčđŸŸ‍♂️đŸ‘œ‍đŸŠčđŸŸ‍♂️ MMM supervillains x intergalactic villain romance
🔍 Spy vs. Spy (hidden identities)
💘 Control x Controlled Chaos x đŸŠ‡đŸ’© Cray
🙌 A BIG age gap + different worlds
🏠 Forced proximity (they were roommates)
🚀 Hot alien accessories hidden beneath a skinsuit
đŸ„Ș TWINS making a sammich (but NO 'cest)
🏏 BđŸ’„DđŸ’„SđŸ’„M + edgeplay (including somno 😮)
😏 The usual naughty humor + witty banter
📚 Overarching epic plot getting all wrapped up
Then throw some chaos grenades into the Multi-Vers! 🌌


Please note: The Villainous Things series contains standalone books (each with HEAs) that feature interconnected characters and an overarching plot. You should read them in order (starting with Not All Himbos Wear Capes)


“Stop. It.” Andre growled.

“Stop what?” I calmly asked, even as I internally shivered with anticipation.

“Don’t stop!” Gabriel cried—loud enough to call attention our way again.

Andre swore under his breath and shifted his body in an attempt to hide his brother from view. This caused me to notice the light sheen of sweat on his upper lip and how his breathing seemed more labored than usual.

Is he… also feeling Gabriel’s pleasure?

Or just really pissed off at me.

Either way, I love everything about this.

“Such a tricky position you’re in, hmm, demon?” I teased, giving my tendrils a hard twist inside Gabriel just to see Andre’s eyes cross. “You want to take away my toy… except he’s not just mine. He’s ours. And you take care of what belongs to you—isn’t that right?”

Gabriel made a quiet keening sound that almost had me giving him the c*ck he was begging for, but the gauntlet had been thrown.

“So what’ll it be?” I asked absently. “Will you take away your twin’s pleasure when you can feel how close he is? Or will you let him make a mess of his pants like the needy, helpless little sl*t he’s always wanted to be?”

Enter the Multi-Vers is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription