Secret Simon (A Haven Hart Novel) by Davidson King

Two men from different worlds brought together by secrets. Turns out their world's weren't so different.

From the Secret Simon blurb:

Being the nephew of one of the most infamous mob bosses in the world isn’t easy. Our family has enemies everywhere, and no one is safe without protection. Here I am at college with a fresh start, a new last name, and secrets hidden from those around me—life is going according to plan. Then one day on campus, I see him…and I want him to strip me bare…in more ways than one.

Abernathy is more than just the university I attend. It’s my destiny, my namesake. Singing and entertaining are who I am, but my father wants me to major in something more appropriate for the name I carry. I’ve resigned myself to being who my father wants, doing what he wants. Then Simon comes into my life…and turns everything upside down. Now I have a reason to fight for what I want.

Who knew our love story would lead to secrets revealed, murderous plots, and finding our forever buried under so many lies? Hopefully we’ll live long enough to see it.

*Secret Simon is a Haven Hart Novel and does not follow the larger story arc in the first 7 books. For a more enjoyable reading experience, you should read the Haven Hart Series in order.

Angel's review:

The way this book starts immediately draws you into the story, and makes you want to keep reading to figure out what Simon is talking about. The storytelling that occured throughout this book was marvelous! I enjoyed all of the different elements that were going on, and how new details got uncovered the more the story went on. Simon and Rush have such a cute relationship, I adored the way they met. Simon being clumsy was what brought Rush over, and while they did have a lot to work through, they were able to get their happily ever after.

Learning more and more about how despicable of a man Rush's dad is was truly shocking. I know he was a bad character from the start, but I never thought that he would be almost mob boss level bad. I felt bad for Rush when he learned about all of his father's horrifying secrets, it was heartbreaking to read about his character going through that much turmoil. Thankfully though, Simon and his family have swept Rush under their wings, and now Rush is apart of their family.

I love when stories feature found family elements, and Davidson King definitely incorporated that in this story. The characters were great, I loved Snow and Christopher's characters, their banter was amusing and adorable! The plot was executed well, the flow was smooth, and the story progressed nicely. Overall a terrific book! I wonder what's going to happen to Fred.

Secret Simon is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription