Law of Retaliation (Haven Hart) by Davidson King

What an amazing way to bring characters from two series together in one book!

From the Law of Retaliation blurb:

Two universes unite to take on one formidable adversary.

A Halloween party at Joker’s Sin means an evening of fun, drinking, dancing, and entertainment. But when a dead body is found in the club’s bathroom, it’s the loose thread that starts to unravel the hard-won peace of Haven Hart.

Christopher, Black, and their friends deal with a lot of unsavory people, but more gruesome murders and bodies piling up lead to a deadly game of whodunit. This enemy may be too much for them to handle alone, so they join forces with Atlas, Ciro, and the Joker’s Sin crew to take back their town.

Will they prevail, or will this be the war that crushes them all?

Law of Retaliation is a multi-character POV story: The Haven Hart series and the Joker’s Sin series in a steamy, suspenseful, mysterious Halloween novella.

Angel's review:

I haven't read the Joker's Sin series, or much of the Haven Hart series; aside from Secret Simon and Head Rush. While this book does bring both series together, I was able to follow along just fine even without having read much of either series featured.

I thought this book was really intricate with all of the details that were being described. The action scenes were suspenseful and well written, the background was believable and described greatly, each and every character was excellent and had their own personality and characteristics, and the pace of the story flowed seamlessly. This book is really unique in the way that we get everyone's POV throughout the whole story, which sometimes doesn't work out well, but in this book it was handled masterfully!

Each character's POV stood out from each other, and it was clearly marked so you knew who's POV you were reading. I loved this book, it was such an amazing way to bring all of these characters together, and I loved how prevalent the found family trope is in this book! This is a terrific read, one I highly recommend you try yourself.

Law of Retaliation is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription