Hoodoo House (The Declan Hunt Mysteries) by Peter E. Fenton

Dive into another mystery of how far someone is willing to go to keep their secrets from being revealed.

From the Hoodoo House blurb:


Book two in the Declan Hunt Mysteries series

How far would you be willing to go to keep a secret?

When writer Malcolm Tull is discovered dead at his writing desk, all signs point to suicide. But Malcolm' s editor isn' t so sure. There' s the matter of the man' s missing computer, a mislaid manuscript and the fact that he didn' t seem the type to take his own life.

Declan Hunt and Charlie Watts are called into action and make their way to the mysterious Hoodoo House nestled on the edge of the Badlands of Alberta. Soon they are embroiled in a case involving blackmail, gay tricks and possibly even murder.

As the secrets of Hoodoo House come to light, Charlie discovers that his boss has been keeping a few secrets of his own, secrets that could impact their romantic relationship outside of the office. And before this investigation is done, Charlie will have to get to the truth, even if it means this might be his final case for Declan Hunt Investigations.

Nedra's review:

Peter delivers yet another captivating story with the second installment of The Declan Hunt Mysteries. Peter has a way with connecting all the characters, winding them together in a way that blows your mind. That twist towards the end had me completely caught off guard and tears began to flow. The side characters, specifically Mrs. Cameron and Henry, were an absolute delight to witness their growth, especially Henry’s young inquisitive mind! And you have to love a kid with no fear, once he puts his mask on of course 👺

So we learned a lot more about Declan’s secrets, and I commend him for reaching out. Charlie is such an understanding man, especially with the amount of secrecy surrounding Declan’s past. It was great to finally witness their desires becoming too much to keep dodging. They work well together, complimenting each other on their expertise and never letting the other fall apart. Their strength together is fierce and I foresee a future filled with spice, heat, and love!!

Hoodoo House is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription