Guiding Reason by Alexa Piper

The 3rd book in the series, Guiding Reason, has a new lead couple, Coldis, the team leader, and Hyran, new to the team and the one who saved Col's life.

From the blurb:

“We are like a system of two suns, you and I, and I don’t want to rob you of your gravity.”

Argentea’s Team Three is dealing with the aftermath of the attack on Starlit Stage, and none of them has more to deal with than Coldis.

For years, Coldis has worked to build his team and protect the Guardians in it, his family. Now, after Hyran imprinted on Coldis during the attack, everything might change. What that change will bring, none of them know, but they will have to figure it out soon so they can rebuild what was broken after the attack and guard against another one. After all, Team Three has reason to suspect that the threat to the cities has not been dealt with…

Guiding Reason contains brief mentions of violence.

Jacquie's Review:

Alexa? We need to talk about that cliffhanger! Oh, the tension and action at the end were something! I really hope there isn't a long gap between this book and the next one.

Guiding Reason begins almost immediately after Guiding Purpose and must be read as part of the series. This time Coldis and Hyran take center stage, though there are pov's from Orrey, Senlas, and Taros from their team. 

Col and Hyran have to adapt to their imprinting while also helping Ferrea recover from the Starlit Stage attack which has left the city without an Op-AI. There's a lot going on story wise with the threads of the ongoing plot being woven in with the new information we get along the way. Things are far from over. 

That doesn't mean Col and Hyran don't have time to get a little spicy. I adored their dynamic and Hyran is the greenest of green flags. He gives control over to Col and refuses to do as others have done and take Col's power from him, even though he legally can.

There's more of the subplot from the last book coming full circle here in the outside of the cities. The bots also have their own thing going. I'm fond of butler-bot 20 and 25's chats. They love their charges.

A rich world with great characters. I'm going to need that next book soon, though.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"I know I can't change how I feel after imprinting, and you might not want to change how you feel, but I hope there is a path - I just want to be with you, and I want you to want that."

I loved getting to know Hyran and Coldis better!! Hyran was so freaking sweet on Coldis and was exactly the type of Guardian he deserves. I mean, Coldis is like the ultimate Conduit catch in terms of rank and popularity. Everybody wants him or to be him. That being said, Coldis also comes with a close found family of Guardians, which is pretty damn hard to take for a newly imprinted Guardian. I really applauded the way Hyran handled it, despite his entire nature screaming for him to whisk Coldis away from it all.

"I will share this heart with you, my Conduit, if you'll let me."

There was a lot going on in book 3 besides the blossoming romance between Coldis and Hyran. We get quite a few different peoples POVs, including Taros which was fun! The people of Ferrea are trying to find their way in the aftermath of the insurrectionist attacks and our beloved Team Three are knee deep in trying to figure out it all.

I'm not quite sure if we have another two Guardian/Conduit couples in the works as well. Vin and Karmine sure seem to have their eyes on the new Conduit members of their team. And can I just say I am so happy that both Yamara and Lapatea have both been taken in by the team. Yamara has definitely lived through some type of horrid abuse with his previous situation and Lapatea just lost their best friend. I just adore this group of characters and can't wait to see what happens next!

Guiding Reason is available to buy in wide release.