For the Love of Kink (It's a Kink Thing) by M.C. Roth

I've been waiting forever for Clint's story and For the Love of Kink did not disappoint at all.

From the For the Love of Kink blurb:


Book eight in the It's a Kink Thing series

The King of Kink has forgotten how to play.

Clint has watched his kinky friends find their matches for years, but as the local king of kink, Clint has forgotten how to play. The fire that left him with scars and took away the love of his life also turned one of his former pleasures into a nightmare that haunts him nearly every night.

But Scotland has been trying to get Clint's attention for months, longing for a man who couldn't be more emotionally unavailable. When one of Clint's closest friends, Maddy, sets up a wax-play scene, Clint snaps at the sight of candles in his home and workplace.

Clint is given two choices— take an extended vacation to finally give himself time to grieve, or risk losing Unkinked and his friends.

The vacation is the easy choice, until Clint finds himself stuck at a cabin owned by the very man he's been avoiding for months.

Autumn's review:

This book is worth the price for sure. It contains 2 switches, a couple of stupid cute donkeys, and tattooing with mix of fire kink.

Clint may have thought he only needed his club to live, but Scotland thought otherwise.
There's many different characters that pop up in this book from other books of this series, so its best to read them in order to get everyone's background. But Clint has been one of my favorites since the first book came out.

I can't wait to see if this author has more books in this series to come.

For the Love of Kink is currently available as an e-book and paperback