Fire and Moonlight by CJ Ravenna

Fire and Moonlight features two childhood best friends made promises to each other that were supposed to last forever. Neither of them knew what was about to happen to them, neither were prepared to be torn apart.

From the blurb:

When childhood friends become enemies, can they find their way back to each other again?  

When hunters slaughtered his family and the boy he loved betrayed him, Vicenzo “Vico” Salvatore lost everything. Years later, he is reunited with the boy he once loved—now a man—, and Vico finds himself with a pack never asked for, and haunted by memories of the love he shared with Eddie. All wolves need a pack to stay human and sane, and the more Vico distances himself, the more dangerous he becomes—to himself and others.

If Vico can't let a new family into his heart, he will lose himself to the feral madness of his wolf forever.

Eddie Turner hasn’t known freedom ever since his cruel uncle forced him to become a hunter of his own kind. But that all changes when he’s rescued by the Lycanthrope Protection Agency. Reunited with the man he once called his fated mate, Eddie’s determined to soften Vico's grumpy heart with smiles and patience.

One smoldering night is all it takes to turn them from enemies to something more, but just as the pair begin to dream of a future together, the past comes back to hunt them down. This time, Eddie and Vico must stand together as mates if they want to protect their found family once and for all.

Fire and Moonlight is the sixth and final book in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency series. It features childhood sweethearts turned enemies to lovers, a grumpy hurting wolf and his sunshine mate, found family feels, and a happily-ever-after. While this is a standalone, it is best to read Gabe and Max’s trilogy first, starting with To Hunt a Moonborn Beast.

Angel's Review:

This author is new to me, I haven't read anything by them prior to this book, and I have to say after reading this I'm intrigued by their writing. I'm curious about what else they've written. This book is the 6th book in this series, and can be read as a standalone, which is what I did. This book is written in a way that's completely understandable without reading the previous books, I never felt lossed or like I was missing something. I was completely invested in Vico and Eddie's story, and what a heartbreaking one it was.

When I started this book I was immediately immersed into the world this author created, I felt bad for Eddie having to uproot his life to move somewhere unfamiliar. But then he met Vico, and I was so happy for those two young men admitting their feelings for one another... But unfortunately that was only the beginning, and things were not happily ever after. I found the writing to be heavily detailed, the scenery was described in great detail, the action scenes were believable, and each and every character had their own personality and added depth to the storyline. Even the horrible, despicable people.

There were a few things that I picked up on that I wished was fleshed out a bit more. There were a lot of time jumps, and while they were pointed out when the time jump happened, it occured frequently, which made the story a bit confusing. I wish there wasn't so many jumps in time. Another thing is when this pack went to New Orleans to help Phillipe.. and when the bad thing happened, (I'm not going to spoil the plot), there was never a mention of what happened afterwards with Phillipe and his family. Which left me at a loss because that was a pivotal scene, and the person who was at the center of it got glossed over and forgotten. Other than those things, I enjoyed this story.

This story broke my heart, I wasn't prepared for the emotional upheaval that this book caused. I didn't know Eddie and Vico would have such a hard time being together, I also wasn't aware of all the people these two would lose. While I wasn't expecting for this book to be so gritty and dark, I still thought this book was amazing. I liked that they had to grow as individuals and then learn how to grow back together. These two men lossed so much and went through so much heartbreak, but then they found a pack who took them in and gave them a home, they gave them family again. I loved the found family aspect that was portrayed within this story! Ben, Issac, Gabe, Max, Zach, Ryan, and Izzy really formed a family and made sure Eddie and Vico knew that they were family too.

Fire and Moonlight is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription