Controlled Burn by Jacki James (Station 69 book 1)

Jacki James sets off all kinds of alarms with her steamy new fire fighter series, Station 69 with Controlled Burn

From the blurb:

My father’s best friend is totally off limits. Too bad the sexy firefighter is everything I ever wanted in a Daddy.

My friends and I get together once a month to drink wine and talk about our newest, hottest book boyfriends. And if it’s up to me to pick the book, that boyfriend will be a Daddy every single time.

But book boyfriends are safe, and I’m way too cautious to find a real-life Daddy. Besides, why would a strong, confident man like that want a geeky librarian like me?

Enter Keith, my father's best friend, who happens to be a super hot firefighter from Station 69. The same station my dad works at.

My father won’t like it. And unlike all those Daddies I read about, Keith is a real man who rushes into fires and risks injury. It’s stressful enough to make me wonder if I should just stick with my book boyfriends.

But book boyfriends can’t make you hot cocoa, give you forehead kisses, or keep you warm at night. For those things, only Daddy Keith will do.

Can I handle a firefighter Daddy, or will I get burned?

Controlled Burn is the first book in the Station 69 series about the brave men who fight fires, rescue puppies, and fall in love in the fictional town of Vesper, Texas.

Heather's Review:

Jacki James' newest Daddy nearly melted my kindle...steamy silver fox, father's best friend and fire fighter... omg YES!  And the boy who needs him... smart, sweet, independent, a little scattered and ready for just a little care and guidance to help him make his adulting easier and snuggle.  

This was a slow building book, that definitely hit Controlled Burn status... and was a great way to kick off the Station 69 Series!   I'm hoping that we'll also see more of Caleb's friends as we explore this new series!

Controlled Burn is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription