Code Violation (Reclaimed Hearts Book 4) by Elle Keaton


Code Violation is the fourth in the Reclaimed Hearts sereies. The overarching mystery to the bones found on the mountain near Cooper Springs is finally answered when podcaster Nero and town local Forrest join forces. Although they can't deny their chemistry, they need to survive the danger stalking them in order to find their HEA.

From the blurb:

Trust is a thing of the past. All that matters is the truth.   

Forrest Cooper

Cooper Springs' resident lavender farmer has a short list of people he trusts. His sister. Xavier Stone. Magnus and Rufus Ferguson. A newcomer to town is not making his list. Ever. Especially not one who is first on the scene of a murder.

Nero Vik

Recently laid off and once again single, the ex-investigative reporter is digging into the sordid history of Cooper Springs. He’s not in town to make friends, he’s there to solve an old mystery and maybe bring closure to those who need it. But when he discovers a local man murdered, all eyes are on him.

Once Nero starts investigating, he has questions, most of them for Forrest Cooper.

Forrest is not giving the new guy an inch, much less discussing his sordid family history with him. His past, his sister’s past, is not up for debate on some nickel-and-dime podcast hosted by a hack writer.

Nero was the last person to see Donny alive. He was the one who said, maybe you shouldn’t. But Donny was someone who never backed down. He got into that van.

One man has dedicated himself to putting his past where it belongs—behind him.

The other is determined to expose the truth—no matter how painful it is.

The perfect storm brings them together. Will they make it through to the other side?

Code Violation is book four in the Reclaimed Hearts series.

Note: The Reclaimed Hearts series follows a different couple in each book but cannot be read as standalones. These books should be read in order as there is ongoing suspense and mystery and previous couples make appearances in future instalments.

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Reclaimed Hearts), can be read as a standalone but might be better if read in order. Suspense. Mature characters. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Nero Vik is in town looking for answers to the bones that have been discovered, wondering if they belong to his cousin, or maybe the girls that have gone missing over the years in the small town of Cooper Springs. Forrest doesn’t want anything to do with the podcaster asking questions, he has had a past that still gives him nightmares and just wants to live quietly on his family’s lavender farm.

A murder and some trouble bring Forrest and Nero together, they both feel the attraction, and a fling is just fine for the time Nero is in town. Together for only a short time, their connection is intense and even though they don’t start it as a long term thing they find that they work together in more ways than just the bedroom. An intrigue filled addition to the series, with still some questions left unanswered for a future book in the series, Forrest and Nero were a fun couple to read.

Rogue's Review:

- series
- older MCs
- ongoing mystery

This is the 4th in the Reclaimed Hearts series, and while there's a continuing thread running through the series, it can be read as a standalone. This brings to a close the mystery that started in Book 1 of remains found near the town of Cooper Springs. This book is the turn of Forrest Cooper and Nero Vik to find their HEA. The town is named after Cooper's family, and he and his sister have appeared in all the other stories so far. I loved finding out more about Cooper and the mystery surrounding his family, and what happened in the Deep.

I got a little bit of whiplash with how quickly Forrest changed his mind about Nero at the start though, it was a complete 180 in very short time and as a result, I didn't feel their chemistry at the start. I liked how it was given time to develop and I could see it growing deeper as the story went on. They really were so compatible with each other. I also enjoyed the conclusion to the mystery that's threaded through the other books in the series, and it was a satisfying conclusion to that. I've enjoyed this whole series greatly, and this was a great way to close this chapter in Cooper Springs. I hope there is more, because I'd certainly be happy to return to town some day.

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